I had ordered some 38 Special ammo from Georgia Arms at the end of April. The web site said it would be 5-7 weeks for it to arrive.

I got a shipment from UPS on Monday. It was 7 weeks, but hey thats what they said it could be.
When I opened the box they had sent the wrong ammo. I had ordered 125 LRN because I carry 125 Grain Gold Dots from Buffalo Bore. Georgia Arms sent me 148 grain wadcutters. The invoice listed the correct bullet.
I called Georgia Arms right away, gave them the invoice number. The girl said, "you ordered 125 Grain round nose." I said "Yes, but you sent 148 grain wadcutters".
She said she would all me back to let me know what they would do.
This was late in the afternoon because I didn't know the package was even at my house until I got home from work. They did not call me back that day.
I called the next day from work. The girl said she couldn't find the invoice number, that someone may have pulled it. I said yes, I called yesterday, then someone in the background said they had taken care of it. She said to put the ammo in the box and leave it out for UPS and they would be sending the correct ammo out the next day.
My wife works nights so she watched for the UPS truck Wednesday.
According to the UPS email confirmation the new ammo did ship out on Tuesday. but didn't get here until Friday.

So scorecard wise, Georgia Arms +1 for making the quoted delivery.
+1 for excellent price, $11.50 per 50 rounds
-1 for shipping the wrong ammo but +1 for quickly and easily fixing the problem and shipping the correct ammo immediatly without having to wait the get the wrong stock back.