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This is a discussion on .40SW v .45 ACP within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Majorlk I am NOT wanting a discussion of which caliber is the best for any of the usual parameters discussed when comparing ...

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Thread: .40SW v .45 ACP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Majorlk View Post
    I am NOT wanting a discussion of which caliber is the best for any of the usual parameters discussed when comparing calibers.

    What I am looking for is opinion from shooters of both as to recoil and controllability in compact guns such as the Glock 27/30 and the Taurus PT140 and 145.

    I have been looking for a new carry gun and the .40 has caught my attention. Other than shooting a mag full in a friend's Glock 23, I have no experience with the .40. My .45 experience is limited to full size 1911-frame guns and it was not a pleasant experience for my small hands.

    Recoil, by itself doesn't bother me in revolvers, but a semi-auto is a different animal.

    Thanks for any insight.
    I carry either/both a 642 with +P ammo or a G23. I like something smaller than a full size weapon.

    Some might say that a .45 has little recoil compared to the .40 round. Try shooting a .45 ultralight pistol. In reality it's more of your comfort level with the recoil profile. I know it cost money to rent but when you've narrowed it down to the pistols you want to own and carry, you need to shoot both of them side by side. My FFL friend carries a full size wilson combat 1911 OWB and two extra mags. That's a bit much for me but no issue for a man who always wears a sports coat.

    Being able to hit where you aim is more important than caliber. There is no perfect gun. You can grow into a weapon that is awkward or grow out of one you liked as well. It must be something you can carry every day even if it's something as tiny as an LCP.

    As far as Taurus is concearned, they make great revolvers.
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    .45 here also
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    Quote Originally Posted by boscobeans View Post
    The relationship of the barrel axis to the grip is a very important factor when talking about felt recoil. A high barrel axis will produce more muzzle flip and likewise the lower the axis the lower the flip. Low axis puts more of the recoil straight back (shove) into the shooter's hand a higher axis gives more leverage to the recoil and raises the barrel with more force (flip) .

    Well said, thats why I like my MP 40 compact, more of a push than flip. The pt140 I had and the cw 40 both had a lot of muzzle flip.
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