.40SW v .45 ACP

.40SW v .45 ACP

This is a discussion on .40SW v .45 ACP within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am NOT wanting a discussion of which caliber is the best for any of the usual parameters discussed when comparing calibers. What I am ...

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Thread: .40SW v .45 ACP

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    .40SW v .45 ACP

    I am NOT wanting a discussion of which caliber is the best for any of the usual parameters discussed when comparing calibers.

    What I am looking for is opinion from shooters of both as to recoil and controllability in compact guns such as the Glock 27/30 and the Taurus PT140 and 145.

    I have been looking for a new carry gun and the .40 has caught my attention. Other than shooting a mag full in a friend's Glock 23, I have no experience with the .40. My .45 experience is limited to full size 1911-frame guns and it was not a pleasant experience for my small hands.

    Recoil, by itself doesn't bother me in revolvers, but a semi-auto is a different animal.

    Thanks for any insight.
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    Some could likely give a more full assesment, but I have a mid-sized .40 cal semi-auto, it's an old Astra A-75, which is one heck of a nice pistol and quite heavy for it's size.

    To me the recoil of it is more than that of the full size 1911 in .45. It's not bad but it is snappy.

    I fired a Glock full size a couple of days ago in .40 and it was not as bad as my .40. In fact about equal qith a 1911 or maybe a bit less.

    That's all I know.
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    I've found the .40 actually has more felt recoil and muzzle flip than the .45

    My vote goes for the .45
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    Quote Originally Posted by EW3 View Post
    I've found the .40 actually has more felt recoil and muzzle flip than the .45

    My vote goes for the .45
    I'd agree with that...
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    Recoil is entirely dependent on the gun used and how it fits your hand.

    Some smaller, more compact .40's seem to have less recoil than the same gun in .45 and some seem to have more.

    Fact of the matter is, you wont know until you try it. Its your hand that it needs to fit, YOU need to be the one to make the decision. Either caliber will work for its intended function, so go with whatever feels best to you.

    Really, you need to shoot the gun before you buy it.There is no other way or shortcut. Dont make the mistake that countless others have and go with what feels good to someone else, or in a matter of time you'll be looking to get something that you like more.
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    Awhile back I tweaked my wrist in a mountain bike accident and afterwards was when I sold my G23 (hurt to shoot it). I would and am considering getting a 45 after shooting my friends 1911. It didn't hurt at all. Go with the 45, that's just my opinion though.
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    I have small hands also. From what little I've shot the 40 and 45 the 45 is more pleasant. It seems more of a strong push instead of a sharp kick.
    Shoot them both before you decide.
    I find that the smaller the grip is the less the perceived recoil is for me. Strangely with my group of friends, those who have large hands seem to feel small grip guns recoil hard and they only shoot them once (p3at) while they will shoot 40 and 45's all day.

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    I've shot both, and find the .45 to be more "friendly" and easier to control consistently...I sold my .40...
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    Felt recoil just simply differs from gun to gun and even between the same gun with different ammo.

    Best thing to do is to try to go shoot some of the guns on your list and see which you prefer.
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    The .40 is definatly more "snappy". Having said that, I love 'em both.

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    The .45 will not necessarily recoil less than a .40 in the same platform, but it will most often recoil less harshly. The .45 operates at lower pressure than the .40, though they are both very effective defense cartridges, as far as pistols calibers go.

    I find that my G27 handles nicely, and there really is no comparable platform in .45 ACP. The G30 is quite a bit larger, thicker and heavier, putting it more into a "compact" category, rather than a "subcompact" like the G27. I'm not sure about the difference in size between the 2 Taurus pistols you mentioned, I don't have any experience with them.

    I had a Kahr PM40, and recently swapped it for a PM45. I find the recoil in the PM45 to be a little less harsh, though I didn't think that the PM40 was really that bad, despite internet reports to the contrary. It's more of a "ka-pow" rather than a sharp "bang." Does that make any sense?

    I love the .40, and my usual carry guns are a Glock 27 and a Sig P250 compact. I'll usually choose the .40 over the .45, for the increase in capacity in a smaller, usually lighter handgun. But for me, the Kahr just felt more "right" in .45 ACP. I think it may depend on platform more than anything else. Get your hands on both, shoot them, and decide for yourself.
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    My G27 can hurt the palm of my hand after a few rounds, the G 30 after several rounds but my Colt 1911 and Kimber Ultra don't seem to hurt after shooting! My G30 does bother sometimes though. It must be because of the shape of the Glock handles.

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    I have a 32, 380, 38, 40, 45. My wife who is 5'3" 110 lbs had rather shot the 45 than any of them. The 45, is just a big old slow push, the 40, 38, has a snap to it.
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    IMHO, 45 seems to work better in compact guns than 40SW. One exception in the S&W M&P 40. Softest and easiest shooting compact 40 I've ever shot.

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    M&P40 and M&P45...

    The 40 is more snappy than the 45...

    Both are fun to shoot.

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