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Pow R' Ball

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    Pow R' Ball

    I shoot a 9mm, am I would like to hear from anyone who knows that this round works or should I say is good. does any one know of any actual shooting and website I can go to and look at stats.
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    I used to carry this round in 9mm. However, most tests I've seen show the jacket and core separating upon impact. Also, the PowRBall is light weight for caliber (9mm is only 100 gr).

    I switched to Federal's 124 gr +P EFMJ (Expanding Full Metal Jacket). I like the heavier weight, and that there is no hollow cavity to get plugged or wrapped (clothing) or crushed (barriers).

    Of course, just try finding any nowadays...

    Hornady's Critical Defense looks good too (I have it in .380). The 9mm version is 115 gr, but not +P rated.
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    The only reason I can really see to go with a round like Pow R'Ball or the Federal EFMJ is if your gun won't feed open mouthed hollowpoints.

    You asked about shootings involving Pow R'Ball. I know of at least one, involving one of John Farnam's students:

    Quote Originally Posted by John Farnam

    Cor-Bon PowerBall Shooting:

    An African LEO student relates this story:

    "Armed with my G26 and 9mm PowerBall (that you brought me last time you were here), I was witness to a jewelry-store robbery in a Pretoria shopping mall.

    A gang of four robbery suspects, all armed with Kalashnikov rifles, approached the jewelry store and began blasting away at the barred entryway. They shot until the entire locking mechanism was shredded and gave way. Upon entering the store, the suspects gathered as much merchandise as they cold and then fled. Miraculously, no one in the store was injured.

    I took cover behind a potted palm as they ran past. I verbally challenged the third suspect, but he was obviously confused with regard to where my voice was coming from. When he didn't drop his rifle, I fired three shots at him at a range of fifteen meters. All three struck him in the back but did not exit. He immediately screamed and dropped his rifle. After taking several more tentative steps, he collapsed, DRT. I don't think he ever figured out where I had been. The balance of the suspects made good their escape."

    Comment: PowerBall worked just fine, and I'm glad he had a supply when he needed them. He is now armed with DPX!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackeagle View Post
    The only reason I can really see to go with a round like Pow R'Ball...is if your gun won't feed open mouthed hollowpoints.
    I used it, and for exactly this purpose...worked very well.
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    I use it in my short barrel 45 ACP pistols (G36 and Kimber Tactical Ultra II) for several reasons. Lighter bullet and higer velocity will be a plus in these short barrels and I know that the nose of the round will not plug with misc material such as the BG's fabric/clothing. Therefore I should get controlled expansion at a decent velocity for a short barrel plus it feeds flawlessly. Hopefully I will never get the chance to see how its terminal ballistics work on a BG but I feel comfortable carrying a couple of mags of the 165 gr PowerBall. FWIW, I also carry various HP rounds for the same guns including Golden Saber, Hornady TAP, CorBon and Magtech mostly in +P 230 gr.
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    I would suggest Federal HST for your 9mm

    Check This

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    I carry it in a Khar PM 9, but only because I do not have time to test DPX right now. I am very concerned with something I found recently. On brassfetcher.com most of the pictures show great penetration and expansion however, the bullets look like they turned sideways essentially negating expansion. I am going to look at this further because it really concerns me.

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    I've tried Cor-Bon Pow'R'Ball .357 in my S&W Model 60. It shoots fine, with less recoil and flash than any of the other .357 SD rounds I've tried, but the ejector rod cannot eject the casings. I've had to poke them out individually using a thin stick or rod. This isn't a problem with the gun, which shoots Winchester Silvertip, Hornady, and Magtech .357 rounds just fine. (As well as assorted .38 sp and .38 sp +P.)

    In my case, that rules it out as a workable self defense round, because it is not possible to reload quickly. With a 5-shot revolver, that's an issue.

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