How Potent is Corbon's 45cal. 185+p?

How Potent is Corbon's 45cal. 185+p?

This is a discussion on How Potent is Corbon's 45cal. 185+p? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; How potent is Corbon's 45 cal. 185+p? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am considering using Corbon's 45cal. 185+p for protecting my home--My question is does anyone use this ...

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Thread: How Potent is Corbon's 45cal. 185+p?

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    How Potent is Corbon's 45cal. 185+p?

    How potent is Corbon's 45 cal. 185+p?


    I am considering using Corbon's 45cal. 185+p for protecting my home--My question is does anyone use this round & does this round have any street history with regards to incapacitation effectiveness?

    Does anyone know where I may find a link to the above question?

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    185gr DPX | 1075 fps | 475ft. lbs. | 5.0 inch barrel
    45 ACP Stopping Power - Shootings History
    Cor-Bon DPX .45 ACP

    I personally trust and depond on Corbon DPX in both this chambering and bullet weight as well as in 9MM too. Out of 5" barrels.
    But for HD I do not and would not suggest it. Reason being due to it's well known capability to penetrate hard surfaces.

    For HD as a pistol round I keep two mags specific to that as chambered one in Winchester 'Personal Protection' .230 gr. lead JHP while I have a second handgun loaded with Federal Hydrashok .230 gr. lead JHP.

    Last thing I want is to have a round that misses penetrate the varying thickness and density skin of my residence and pierce some other persons.
    The DPX bullet/projectile is by design adept at doing so while lead JHP is very much less so than that of the DPX bullet/projectile, which is basically a solid copper sabot projectile.

    - Janq
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    I don't know about he 185 grain loading, but I do know that the 165 grain load hits like a truck. I shot a 300 lb pig with one a few years back and it dropped the pig like a thunderbolt....The slug expanded to a nickel-sized mushroom that I dug out from behind his ear.
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    poor piggy
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    Slightly Off Topic but, are you folks aware of the .45 Super conversion kit that is available for the 1911 and other firearms? It's actually not all that expensive.
    It is mucho HOT.
    Ace Custom 45s, Inc.

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    My Step father shoots them, for some reason he trust them more than he does his arsenal of Black Talons, Which are my personal Favorite.
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    IMHO the DPX bullet is the "Best of the BEST". Cor Bon makes some pretty hot loadings and the 185gr DPX is one of them.

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