.380 Remington Golden Saber

.380 Remington Golden Saber

This is a discussion on .380 Remington Golden Saber within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am using this in my Kel Tec P3AT. Is this too much of a hot load? Anyone have experiance with the 380 Kel Tec? ...

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Thread: .380 Remington Golden Saber

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    .380 Remington Golden Saber

    I am using this in my Kel Tec P3AT. Is this too much of a hot load? Anyone have experiance with the 380 Kel Tec? What ammo is good to use?
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    I don't recall that as being over hot but when I had my P3AT I stuck to ball ammo - and my wife's Bersa uses same. Currently Americal eagle which I have found totally reliable.

    I always wonder whether .380 has enough oomph to get thru clothing and, have a HP do much expanding, tho if it doesn't I guess we could say, what's the difference!!

    Main reason tho I guess really is just the stellar functioning and a fraction less risk of misfeeds, and not that big of a concern with over penetration.
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    Haven't used/tried the GS line of ammo in my KT P-3AT. The "normal" loadings should be fine for the little guns. I'd stay away from the CORBON and the like stuff. I don't feel like the weapons are designed for the super hot loadings. My weapon has ran flawlessly on Speer 90gr. GD's. Suggest you give 'em a try.

    Also remember that you should make it a point to at least double tap the little gunz. Accuracy goes to hell with the CORBON loads(IMO). Enjoy the little monster. I do mine. -------

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    Hello. No, I figure it is not too hot for the KelTec. It is a standard pressure load. I have no idea what velocity it is getting from the short tube on your pistol and therefore don't know whether or not to expect expansion.


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    You want a hot .380 ACP load for a Kel Tec? Try the Corbon 90 grain JHP....now that load will make your hand sting after going through a six-round magazine + one.
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    No, it's not too hot of a load for the P3AT. You want a hot load, try some Santa Barbara police surplus. Hoo-boy!

    I use the 102gr Golden Sabers in my P3AT. I honestly can't tell much of a difference between shooting them and regular target loads (usually Rem UMC). I went with the Golden Sabers because the more rounded profile seems to feed best in my gun.

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    I used golden sabres in my bersa thunder 380 with good results. Check out combat handguns on an article on 380 loads. Not sure the issue but it has the kahr 45 on the cover. They were testing out of a walther ppk and they favored the 102 golden sabre. And the golden sabre is standard pressure so itll be ok in your kel-tec YMMV. Have a great day Sixgun

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    This may be a bit off base, but i like the 102 gn GS bullet for the .380. But i use it in a 9mm. I handload these a little hot and the results out of a Ruger P-95 are quite impressive.
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    These are from a gentleman known as Oldgranpa.

    I have very little experience with the .380. I know that a friend was killed with one and that there did not seem to be an exit wound with ball ammo. It almost made it through but the current thought is that his shirt was too tight and it shored right underneath his skin. No bullet was ever found at the scene at any rate, though it looked like something tried to exit.


    Preliminary P-3AT .380 Wet Pack Report: http://www.ktrange.com/articles/a10/a10-7.html

    Final P-3AT Hollowpoint Expansion Results: http://www.ktrange.com/articles/a10/a10-10.html

    P-3AT Recommendations After JHP testing: http://www.ktrange.com/articles/a10/a10-11.html

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    I called the Kel-Tec factory yesterday to order some replacement parts for my P3AT (extractor, frame pins, belt clip). Last week I had several FTF and FTE with REM UMC ammo and some reloads. The reloads were Speer 88gr HP over Bullseye powder. The factory rep told me that the P3AT does not like the REM UMC ammo and that they test the guns with Hydro-Shock, Gold Dot, and Golden Sabers ammo. I was running the reloads at the top end of the charts and had three FTE out of 29 rounds tested. The extractor did not grab the case and the case stay in the chamber. The tip of the extractor was bent. All of my FTF was with the REM UMC. Had seven out of a box of 50. The gun did not go into full battery; all I had to do was a light push with my thumb to go into full battery. (OK; I carry a Glock on duty so I know not to limp wrist the gun) The factory rep stated that REM UMC did not have the power to cycle the gun. I know that there will be several out there that do not have any problems with REM UMC ammo, but each time I shoot a box I get FTF problems. The gun has over 500 rounds down range and I have done the fluff and buff on the gun and four mags. Took the gun down Sunday night and found a place on the frame under the hammer. The factory rep told me to cut it off/out and re-test the gun. The factory rep asked me if I had done the fluff and buff and stated that it will help the P3AT. I carry the gun as backup with Hydra-Shock ammo and it shoots well in the gun.


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