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Optimum 9mm cartridge for SD.

This is a discussion on Optimum 9mm cartridge for SD. within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I prefer Federal HST 124gr, as they feed great in my XD9 and Beretta 92F....

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Thread: Optimum 9mm cartridge for SD.

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    I prefer Federal HST 124gr, as they feed great in my XD9 and Beretta 92F.
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    I like Federal Hydra Shock JHP rounds for SD, however they are on the more expensive side and can be hard to find.

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    From various test reports I have read I have switched everything to the Corbon DPX. This is a solid copper bullet so the weights for similar size bullets run lighter. The tests I have read show the bullet to be a reliable expander and deep penetrator, the bullet is the Barns "X" hunting bullet.

    Also the new Hornady "Critical Defense" with the soft polymer plug in the hollow point cavity looks very interesting.

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    I think Cor-Bon +p HP is the best for 9mm

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    Not necessary. Not everyone appreciates that some people haven't been part of prior discussions. A search is great, but you've got to know what to search for and the wording that'll work in the queries. Otherwise, you can spend hours and get nowhere. Plus, if nobody posted any new queries, since all has been asked before, right?, there wouldn't be a need for a discussion forum. It would simply be a dead zone with a million past opinions to look up.
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    Federal HST 124 grain # P9HST1 for me.
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    I tend to like the light and fast as in 115gr I have personal experience with the Federal 115gr +P+ 1300fps out of a 4in bbl which is my G19 it is old tech but it works and has a very impressive street record. I like most of the old timers here really were'nt thrilled about going to the .40 some were, but the Federal 9mm +P+ worked just fine.

    Illinois State Patrol, Secret Sevice, Federal Border Patrol will tell you but all feds went to 40cal late 80's to mid 90's.

    IPS went to the Winchester 115gr 9mm +P+ for political reasons
    because Winchester, is in Illinois, theirs is moving at 1335fps out of a 4in bbl again impressive street record.

    Gold Dot came out with a 115gr 9mm +P+ I do not know anything about it.

    Those will be hard to find however you can go to Dakota Ammo -- Glaser 1-800-626-7266
    and purchase their jhp which is rated +P but acts like a +P+ because it moves at 1350fps out of a 4in bbl.

    Remember this you have to hit your target I do not care what you carry if you can not shoot go pay and instructor to teach you how.

    If you are fighting for your life with a pistol and cannot hit your target that is not solving your problem.

    I have 500 on hand not for sale. My agency has become a little laxed and they issue the .40cal but we can carry 9mm, .357sig, .45gap, .45acp, as long as we qualify. Most here carry 9mm .40 or .45acp.
    You do not think the 9mm is effective? Then let me shoot at you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by majorlk View Post
    geez, how many times is the same question going to be repeated? Doesn't anyone read the existing threads?
    amen brother
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