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Any Issues with Wolf Ammo?

This is a discussion on Any Issues with Wolf Ammo? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; no problems 9mm/.380 good to go ; )...

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Thread: Any Issues with Wolf Ammo?

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    no problems 9mm/.380 good to go ; )
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    Wolf Ammo Experience


    My experience with Wolf ammo has been generally positive. I have fired over a thousand rounds of it through each of my AR-15 and MAK-90 with no jams or failures to fire.

    The hollow point 7.62 x 39 rounds will occasionally hang against the feed ramp of my MAK-90 (about one round out of 40). FMC rounds feed flawlessly. In 2005, I bought 1000 rounds of Wolf Polyperformance 223 with 55 grain FMC bullets. I only have about 40rounds of it left; it has all fed and fired through my Colt AR-15 without a hitch.

    The Wolf ammo does seem to be somewhat dirtier than my handloads, and the accuracy has been mediocre from my rifles. However, I am using it in action rifle and tactical 3-gun competition, where tack-driving accuracy is not an issue, and there is little opportunity to recover fired cases.

    All guns have different ammo preferences, but Wolf has been OK for me. I wish I had bought 10,000 rounds back in 2005, when it was less than half the price it is now.

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    I had about 1K of wolf in was sort of oily. I cleaned each individual problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EW3 View Post
    My range will not allow any steel cased ammo like Wolf or Silver Bear.
    Sounds like your range nazis think it's steel core, not steel case

    More likely they want to pickup the brass you leave behind and don't want aluminum and steel casings mixed in.
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    A few years ago I bought a huge batches of Wolf 45. I ran it in all my 1911's for about 9 months. When it came time to reorder the stuff I got was dirty junk. The loads felt off. Some heavy some light. I haven't trusted it since. I don't know what happened. I remember coughing after about 200 rounds at the range.
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