Any Issues with Wolf Ammo?

This is a discussion on Any Issues with Wolf Ammo? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have seen more Wolf brand ammo for sale than any other recently and have stayed away from it for my pistols. One reason is ...

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Thread: Any Issues with Wolf Ammo?

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    Any Issues with Wolf Ammo?

    I have seen more Wolf brand ammo for sale than any other recently and have stayed away from it for my pistols. One reason is the steel case is non-reloadable, I don't reload but I have started saving brass so I can in the future. A few years ago I had some 380 and was shooting it when something did not sound right. I stopped checked the gun and saw unburned powder so I cleared the chamber. In the barrel was a bullet! I pushed it backe toward the chamber and cleaned the gun, shot again and had a squiber, it came out of the barrel slow and hit the ground maybe 20 feet in front of me. I found unburned powder again. Emptied all ammo, threw away, cleaned gun, used other brands no problems. It seemed to be an ammo issue, and I have not bought wolf since. Am I paranoid? WAs this a fluke incident? I have shot a bunch of 7.62 and never had an issue...

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    I really can't speak for your instance, knowing no more than you told. I can tell you that I have shot .380, 9mm, .40 and over the weekend I shot 240 of .223 out of my newly built AR15 and I have never had a FTF. Well, I take that back. My Hi Point 9C didn't like Wolf (no extraction) but my Taurus Mil Pro 9mm eats it up. The Taurus doesn't like Blazer (stovepiping). All my weapons will shoot everything else though. Well, I've only put Wolf through the AR15. Obviously your mileage is varying.
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    In my Bushmaster wolf works great everytime
    as well as in my Mak 90 but my KT PLR-16 does
    not like Wolf ammo at all and will not cycle as the
    Wolf ammo gets stuck in the chamber on each round
    after firing. Guess it just depends on the gun you use wolf

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    My AR15 hates the 7.62x39 silver bear ammo,after several FTE I put in a o-ring on the xtractor spring which helped,but now my bolt has a chip off the locking lug,I'm selling the barrel and going to 5.56,i'll shoot the ammo up in my mini 30 til it's gone then only buy the wolf polycoat stuff
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    I have used Wolf in both of my 9mms with no issue. I think it is well priced range ammo.

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    My range will not allow any steel cased ammo like Wolf or Silver Bear.
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    I use Wolf in my AK and it shoots reliably. I have only had one round load wrong and bend at the neck (or whatever that area where the case and bullet meet).
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    I've shot hundreds of rounds of Wolf 7.62 through my SKS and never had a problem, although it's dirty as hell. I'm also put several boxes through my Ruger P90. I won't shoot it through my Kimber though....:)

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    I've heard more bad than good about Wolf and most ranges in my area don't allow the use of it.
    Not for me thanks.
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    Slightly off topic, but Ruger told me not to use the "Bear" steel ammo in my Mini 14. Among other things, possible breakage of the firing pin.

    Shame, since I just paid $26 for 50 rounds of Remington "value pack" .223 ammo (55 gr FMJ) at Wal Mart. Glad they had some, but not much of a "value" to me. Can't afford much shooting at $0.50/shot.
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    I'll shoot Wolf through my AK, but I don't buy it for my other guns.

    I was with a friend at the range a few weeks ago and he had a squib load from Wolf 9mm, so yes they do still happen. Pretty sure he's done with Wolf forever now.

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    Wolf ammo : is it worth your life?

    I have and still own 14 different Sig handguns, and the only time I ever had a problem was with Wolf ammo. I fried and it jammed and ruined the barrel of a P 220. Is that the type of ammo you want your life to depend on?

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    Gunnitt welcome to the forum.

    I've used Wolf from time to time and found cleaning takes twice as long. One of the guys at the range said it was junk ammo. And I have to agree.
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    I tried Wolf one time with a .45 pistol and I also had extraction problems.

    My buddies shoot it in their military style rifles and have no problems.

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    Some of the cheap ammo has a steel jacket - not going thru my guns.

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