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When do you rotate your carry ammo

This is a discussion on When do you rotate your carry ammo within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I just shot some 30-06 that my dad loaded in 1968. It was actually more accurate than some I had loaded 3 weeks ago. He ...

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Thread: When do you rotate your carry ammo

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    I just shot some 30-06 that my dad loaded in 1968. It was actually more accurate than some I had loaded 3 weeks ago. He used some strange hollow point target bullets that I had never heard of and are not listed anywhere.

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    Ammo can last a long, long, long time if you keep you guns in a good place. I guess it would be personal choice or if you feel the need. Otherwise...seems like one of the OCD type of things...
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    I shoot any SD ammo that has been cycled mort than one time...usually the first one or two bullets in a couple of mags.
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    Whenever I think it's time according to case discoloration. Actually, I probably do it twice a year or so. Shoot up all the old carry ammo and refresh the magazines.

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    It varies, depending upon when I can afford to backfill my ammo stocks. Like to buffer it a bit against who-knows-what.

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    old ammo

    I just found some ammo that I bought in the mid 80's. I took it to the range a couple of weeks ago with no problems.

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    I clear my mags every few months and let the springs release. I shoot up all my carry ammo once a year and replace it with new.
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    I used to carry a KelTec .32 as a pocket gun and I had some blue blazer safety rounds in it for about a year. Last time I was at the range I thought I'd shoot them off to see how they did. I was amazed that 5 of the 8 rounds were so weak that they did not cycle the slide back and sounded rather like a fizz instead of the crack of a round firing. They were obviously not sufficiently powerful to stop an attacker - I don't feel that great about .32cal as a man-stopper anyway but those rounds were not appropriate for target practice much less to count on to save your life. I had fired some of those same rounds in the past and they seemed to perform properly. Watch the age on these if you carry them as your EDC! I may carry the .32 as a BUG but my 1911 .45 and XD SC .40cal will be my normal carry guns.

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    I guess that due to:

    A. Price
    B. Availability

    ...I don't cycle too much. I know that ammo will last for some time, and I routinely check my primers for "denting", but other than putting the top round at the bottom every few months, I can't say that I really do it too often.

    I can really only afford to shoot Ball FMJ, but I have shot my SD ammo just to see its accuracy and recoil effects.
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