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350 rounds stored in the car. Bad idea?

This is a discussion on 350 rounds stored in the car. Bad idea? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; 1. You are paying too much for ammo if its worth is $150 2. Ammo goes boom during a fire, that's it. No flying bullets, ...

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Thread: 350 rounds stored in the car. Bad idea?

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    1. You are paying too much for ammo if its worth is $150
    2. Ammo goes boom during a fire, that's it. No flying bullets, just boom.
    3. I wouldn't worry about it. If its in an ammo box in the trunk, it'll last a long time like that.

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    I do not see a problem with storing ammo in trunk.

    I keep some extra ammo for my EDC and rifle in my truck, in a bug out bag, just in case. I may be out and decide to go to the range or if the SHTF, 200 rounds for my EDC and 200 rounds for the rifle may come in handy.
    I also keep some water, energy bars, first-aid kit, flashlight and a poncho with liner, but that is just me. I would rather have the stuff and never need it, then need it and not have it.

    Yes, I do rotate the stuff in the bug out bag.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frmboybuck View Post
    1. You are paying too much for ammo if its worth is $150...
    Most likely more than $150, as it includes two boxes os SD ammo. .357 Sig.

    Quote Originally Posted by Supertac45 View Post
    Why would it be a problem with the police in Michigan?...
    Your safe as a CC permit holder, but the laws are a little confusing in MI when it comes to the transportation of firearms, and I'm guessing the wife is picking up on some of the stories we have heard at the range, when you run into a LE who does not fully understand the law. Besides, the police you are likely to encounter in the UP will be more aware of relevant laws.
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    The only thing I store in my are the car chargers for the cell and GPS (GPS goes with me when I get out of the car) insulated shopping bags from Sam's Club and take out menus from my favorite restaurants. There may be tire gage in the glove box, but that's it. There is nothing in my car with my address on it either, not even a piece of junk mail.

    So, storing 350 rounds of ammo would be out of the question.
    "I did the thing I feared the most. Excuse me while I cheer. Now here I stand a stronger soul and all I lost was fear." ...Anonymous

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    I don't see anything wrong with keeping 350 rounds in the car provided you are OK with the risk of it being broken into. I am fortunate that I live in a decent town and my daily travels do not put me in areas where I am overly concerned about vehicle breakins. I've never had a car broken into and have been driving for almost 27 years. With that said, I am sure I will be broken into before the end of the week.

    I do, however, completely understand those of you who never leave anything of value in your vehicle. It's all about evaluating risks.

    Bottom line is I have evaluated the risks and losing $150 in ammo with a vehicle breakin would be the least of my concerns. I would be more upset about how many times I will have to go into Wal-Mart to replace the stolen ammo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PastorPack View Post
    The heat that can accumulate in a vehicle makes for bad storage conditions.
    That was my first thought too.

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    No concerns except heat, and that could be a big one. Here in Louisiana, it would probably degrade the ammo far more quickly than storage at normal temps. Not sure about Michigan. . . ! Even if ammo doesn't degrade, if it's significantly warmer than ambient temps, the ballistics/trajectory will be affected.

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    Don't worry about the heat or temp fluctuations. The temperatures it can reach will have zero effect on your ammo (in your lifetime at least).

    This has been beat to death, but I will pile on and say that I see no problem keeping a few hundred rounds in the car. There are a lot of us that do that. Having an old box of 30-30 rattling around in my trunk has been handy more then once.

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    your car is not gonna get hot enough ignite powder or rounds. Just aint gonna happen. Like Frmboybuck says, throw a box of rounds into a fire and the results are really not that impressive. Its not gonna fill everything with bullet holes. When I was younger A guy told me this and I til him he was full of crap. He threw a couple of 45 acp's into the 55g drum we were burning trash in. Just a couple of lousy pops.
    Sorry, this really gets off the subject.....
    Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it ......

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    She suggested it might be a bad idea, especially if stopped by the police. She also suggested there was no point storing something worth $150+ in the trunk of the car, when I had more than enough ammo at the destination and at home. She expressed I carry plenty ammo in mags for the trip, not considering the ammo she had.
    I think that "she" is pretty bright. :)

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