XD9 SC, ammo advice on +P, +P+, weight, etc...

XD9 SC, ammo advice on +P, +P+, weight, etc...

This is a discussion on XD9 SC, ammo advice on +P, +P+, weight, etc... within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just ordered my first handgun yesterday (the SA XD9 SC) and am looking for suggestions for defensive rounds. I've scoured the web and it seems ...

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Thread: XD9 SC, ammo advice on +P, +P+, weight, etc...

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    XD9 SC, ammo advice on +P, +P+, weight, etc...

    Just ordered my first handgun yesterday (the SA XD9 SC) and am looking for suggestions for defensive rounds. I've scoured the web and it seems like if you ask 50 people you will get 51 different answers (depending on the gun, the barrel length, the caliber, personal pref).

    In no particular order of preference... I'm looking for:
    Consistent mushrooming
    I don't want clothing clogging the HP and turning it into a FMJ
    I want enough power and velocity to ensure expansion but not so much velocity that overpenetration occurs

    It seems like there is just such a science and so many variables that go into choosing what one may consider the perfect defense round for them... I don't know where to start!

    And then when you throw in bullet weight, +P & +P+ variants... that all has to add a thumbs up to some of the preferences listed above and a thumbs down to others.

    Can people who have a 9mm 3" barrel (and even better if you own the XD9 SC) give some advice on rounds based on the above concerns? What did you choose for your SD round in your 3" barrel handgun and how did you come to that conclusion?



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    In my XD9sc
    Hornady Critical Defense ammo FTX 9mm lugar 115gr. is ok to use.

    as for practicing i have used federal 115 fmj...
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    I have two basic rounds I look for in self defense loads for my XD9sc.

    1) Hornady Critical Defense 115 gr. FTX bullet. There are no +P loadings in the Critical Defense rounds but they have had excellent test performance.

    2) Speer "short barrel" Gold Dot 124 gr. JHP +P

    Those are my two "go to" rounds for self defense in 9mm and so far I have always been able to find enough to keep my mags full.

    I have also tested those rounds for reliability in my particular gun so I know they work all the time.

    If I can't find the Speer "short barrel" Gold Dots, the regular Speer Gold Dot 124 gr. +P work just fine too.

    After those, I wouldn't hesitate to use Remington Golden Saber 124 gr. +P or the Hornady TAP 124 gr JHP Personal Protection rounds.

    These are just my self defense loadings... They come highly recommended, have good results in testing, there have been a lot of actual cases where they work well on humans.

    I'm sure there are other rounds just as good, but those are my choice.
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    Hornandy Critical Defense, or HST (124gr) .

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    What eagleks said.

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    I'm a little more old school. I carry Federal 115gr. +P+ JHP, 9BPLE (law enforcement) loads in all my 9mm's. Federal 230gr. +P JHP, in my 45's.
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    Cor-Bon 115gr +P 1475fps.
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    I would just go with Speer Gold Dots 124gr or 115gr +P . You can buy both of thesee now at ammo to go. Be sure to buy the black box of 50 and not the green box of 20. I also have been carrying Hornady TAP 147gr in my XD9SC for the last year.
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    I like golden sabers
    Limiting yourself to rounds that will not clog with clothing may not be the best thing as any round with a hole in the end can clog. Pick the one that feeds and hits and hope you never find out about the clogging thing.

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    Another XD9sc guy here:

    Hornady Critical defense definitely meets your needs.
    Golden Sabers are great too

    Right now ammo availability may limit your choices, so you may be down to whatever you can find.
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