Air Freedom Rounds?

Air Freedom Rounds?

This is a discussion on Air Freedom Rounds? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Anybody know anything about these A.F.R rounds made by Extreme Shock? I know they are pricey. I went ahead and picked up a box of ...

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Thread: Air Freedom Rounds?

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    Air Freedom Rounds?

    Anybody know anything about these A.F.R rounds made by Extreme Shock? I know they are pricey. I went ahead and picked up a box of .40 and .45 cal. I don't want to tell you what I paid. Has anybody had any experience with these rounds?
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    They are junk. Simply junk.

    It's marketing, basically after 9/11 if I remember correctly.

    I've heard nothing good ever, and I've found no testing of them against something proven.
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    Gimmick round.

    I wouldn't trust 'em...
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    This is the only actual review that I have ever read.

    All credit to Frank Borelli at
    To read the remainder of the article go there.

    Moving on to the NyTrillium Air Freedom Rounds - AFR - I had to attempt a different testing process because they were designed for a different purpose and use. The AFR was designed for use inside aircraft against terrorists / hijackers. The intention of the designers was to create a round that was lethal to humans but would fragment to dust on impact with a hard surface such as the inside of the aircraft fuselage or the aluminum seatbacks in commercial aircraft. The Extreme Shock website that, most times, the AFR will even fragment upon impacting 1/2" sheet rock leaving nothing but small fragments and/or dust to hit the next layer of sheet rock and little to nothing that would present a threat to people on the other side of a contemporary residential wall.

    The easiest test for this was to set up a small "wall" composed of standard wood frame, two layers of sheet rock - one on either side - and a paper target three feet on the other side of the wall from my shooting position. I loaded my magazine with six of the test rounds I'd been sent and fired them through my Springfield Armory 1911. All six rounds were fired through the wall. Five of them fragmented as they passed through the first layer of sheet rock as determined by the small bits and pieces that caused holes in the second layer of sheetrock. The paper target three feet beyond the "wall" and showed not any sign of having been impacted by any fragments or even dust that I could find.

    With that kind of fragmentation and breakup being caused by sheet rock I had to wonder if the round would actually penetrate any tissue type of material. Out came another plastic milk jug full of pudding. One AFR round into it was sufficient to convince me that the projectile does indeed hold together to penetrate a bit and then start coming apart to deliver its lethal energy. The milk jug blasted apart in an almost straight tear up one corner, but the entry hole was nice and neat. Pudding was blasted everywhere, some of it landing on other target stands about six feet away. Conclusion? The AFR acts like it was designed to. It won't penetrate hard stuff but will drastically destroy softer tissue.

    Like any specialty ammo, the EPR and AFR rounds aren't cheap. The AFR ammo runs about $2.50 per round. A 5 round pack lists at $16.29 with a 20 round box listed at $51.43 on the Extreme Shock website. The EPR rounds are priced slightly lower and you should keep in mind that the prices I'm quoting are for .45ACP ammo as that's what I tested and will get more of for my own use.


    I have no personal opinion as I have never tested it or shot any of it. QKS
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    I tried both Fang Face and the Air Freedom in .40 S&W. I would for sure not buy the Fang Face again. They are very bad about seating into the brass after re-chambering a few times. That is un-acceptable for me. The AFR seemed to really destroy water jugs. I'm still not sure I would pay the price after reading the above demo.

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    I personally would rather buy 50 rounds of either Ranger Talon or Federal HST for under 30.00 per box,they have been proven to expand reliably in numerous tests and are cheap enough to test for functionability in your firearm
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    Take a look at this website too for some extended discussion on the Exotic Ammo: Exotic Ammo FAQ
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    Do a search - been beat to death before. Typical ultralight/ultrafast bullet - impressive cavity but poor penetration. If it doesn't reach the vitals, it doesn't count. Might it work? Sure. I prefer a round with better penetration.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rhinokrk View Post
    "Everyone was Kung-Fu fighting... Those cats were fast as lighting"

    One doesn't have to look any farther than their own advertisements. If you buy into that bunch of hooey, the only thing "extreme" is your gullibility. In fact, I won't buy anything labeled "extreme" this or that. Save the extreme for soda and gas station snacks.

    Remember the "anti terrorist" ammunition?

    Why would anyone want a load that is designed not to penetrate the wall of an aircraft any way? It doesn't matter... lets say you do end up in a jet way up in the stratosphere with your pistol (just like the movies) and the ragman shows up... go ahead. Poke holes in the skin of the aircraft. It wont bring the plane down.
    The entire premise of the ammunition is so far fetched, it just makes me laugh.

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    Hyped and junk. Take the extra $$ and buy more REAL bullets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhinokrk View Post
    "Everyone was Kung-Fu fighting... Those cats were fast as lighting"
    "And the deadly motion made me sick..."

    Very good, about says it all.

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