Seeing more ammo, even 380

Seeing more ammo, even 380

This is a discussion on Seeing more ammo, even 380 within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My lucky day, I bought 1 box of WWB 380---$39.95, but at least they had it. Found about 10 boxes of the 100 count, and ...

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Thread: Seeing more ammo, even 380

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    Seeing more ammo, even 380

    My lucky day, I bought 1 box of WWB 380---$39.95, but at least they had it. Found about 10 boxes of the 100 count, and 10-15 boxes of the 50 count.

    Lots of 9-mm, 40, and 45. Maybe better days ahead. On a sad note, Scheels had 17 HMR's 50 ct. $19.00 a box, seems like robbery.

    The bulk pack of 22lr one could buy in the past for $8.99 on sale, now have a price of $24.95.

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    Ammo of all kinds is starting to show up more often around these parts as well.

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    Buy what you can find and may still be short lived...OMO
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    Went to the Greenville, NC gunshow today and picked 4 boxes of 380 FMJ for $29 each, did see one other vendor with 380 JHP but $39 was more than I was willing to pay.
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    Same here, good times.

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    WW has been having more also, I am willing to wait for it to come in because the price is less... This week saw, 45, 40, 9mm, 38, 22,

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    ABout the only thing I've seen much of is .40(I don't have a .40, yet). Occasionally some 9mm turns up, and it's gone in the blink of an eye. .45 is scarce, .38, .357 and .44 is unheard of anywhere but at the local fun shop.
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    WW around here had a bunch of Remington UMC yellow box 250rd MEGA-PACKS in 9mm. and .40S&W. Bought a box of each. Considering the cost (from 27-29 cents a round) and the fact that I get some nice brass it was a good deal. Not much in other pistol calibers. It might shoot a little dirty but a little hobby time after sending them down range is good therapy.


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    In my area its hit or miss. Some stores have pistol ammo, some have only 9mm or .40. Some have nothing. I haven't been able to find .45acp in good supply anywhere. Only the gun shops have any quantities of it.
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    Much more at all the stores.

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    Found 380 last week for $17.99 for 50 rds. The owner told me he just sent 1/2 a case down to the gun show. I joked that he could get twice as much at the gun show for it. He just smiled. He had more ammo than I have seen in months. Bought a 500 pack of .22 for $20 or so. 9mm for $14.99 a box, remington white box. Getting a bit better around here.

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    I heard that some 380 is in the pipeline but once it arrives I don't think the round count will be high enough to cover demand. I did notice that the price for ammo will vary depending on the store.
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    Not much showing up here. All still scarce. Keep getting the same answer. Hard to get, and gone soon as it hits the shelf.
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    wally world here seems to have rifle rounds in stock the last 4 or 5 times i've gone. couple .223 bulk packs even. Saw a box of .44 mag one time and a decent amount of .40 cal. still no 9 or .45 but i reload so i'm more concerned about primers

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    It is sporadic around here, but at least it is coming in and I plan on buying a few more boxes. Like retsup99 said, it may be short lived.
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