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147g 9mm out of a sub compact

This is a discussion on 147g 9mm out of a sub compact within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; AFAIK, a 147 gr bullet shot out of a 3" barrel will have more inertia than a 115 or 124 gr bullet shot out of ...

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Thread: 147g 9mm out of a sub compact

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    AFAIK, a 147 gr bullet shot out of a 3" barrel will have more inertia than a 115 or 124 gr bullet shot out of a 3" barrel.

    The more the inertia, the more it takes to stop the projectile.

    I use 147 gr Federal HST.
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    the difference of an inch or two is insignificant you will not loose enough speed to worry about, after all you will not be shooting at 50 yards if you need to defend yourself.
    At contact to 10 feet the loss of 100 ft/sec won't matter shoot what works best in your gun and don't worry about the weight.

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    I use 147 gr as my carry round and living in the midwest people wear heavy clothing this time a year, so penetration is important. My department when they went to a 9mm issued Winchester Black Talon 147 gr ammo. Winchester now calls it Ranger T and it is a great 9mm load. Second to that the Federal 147 gr HST which is building a good reputation. Penetration is the second most important factor when it comes to stopping bad guys, the first as always is bullet placement.

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    Look here and do some comparisons:
    Ballistics by the inch

    And sometimes the heavier loads penetrate more because they expand much less, less surface area to slow the projectile down. Regardless of what you think of thier methods and results, there is some great information on the ballsitics and perfomance of ammunition in short barrels in Marshal and Sanow's books.

    And a quick calculation for energy, Velocity squared x bullet weight in grains divided by the constant 450240 should give energy as FPE.

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