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Will more muzzle energy incapacitate faster?

This is a discussion on Will more muzzle energy incapacitate faster? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; lets see if i can hit this one... more blood loss, more damage to tissue... faster your attacker goes down... did i get it?...

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Thread: Will more muzzle energy incapacitate faster?

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    lets see if i can hit this one... more blood loss, more damage to tissue... faster your attacker goes down... did i get it?
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    Yes. IF you hit anything vital. A .45cal tnt hole in a shoulder may not be more effective than a .40 cal hole. And realistically, I wonder how measurable the difference in blood loss is between a .40s/w and a .45acp, all other things being equal.
    Fact is, lotta very violent folks have been shot, and hit in non vital places (some due to placement, some due to lack of penetration), and continued to fight for sometime. Prime example the FBI Massacre in Miami. Both suspects recieved practically non-survivable wounds almost at the onset of the attack, but look what they did. I believe in one of Ayoob's write ups, a violent attacker was hit in a major artery and still carried out his attack for around 35 seconds, dealing out a lot of hurt in that time.
    And while any hit on your attacker is a good hit, the only one guaranteeing an immediate cessation of hostilities is a hit to the cns. From all but the back, the cns is protected by layers of skin, bone, muscle , organs, fluid, arms, legs, etc.
    Penetration of these protective layers of the body, plus whatever the assailant is wearing, is what will shut him down the quickest.
    Again, this was not a question meant to draw an arguement, at least not a vicious one, but just to get others' input on the list as it was posted. Me personally, I'll take the penetration of a good 9mm bullet reaching the cns over a shallow penetrating .44 special making a bigger hole, but never reaching the cns. So, I may just place one over the other, but I sure wont leave it out.


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