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.44 Mag vs .44 Spl vs .357 Mag

This is a discussion on .44 Mag vs .44 Spl vs .357 Mag within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Any of the rounds 357 Mag, 44 Spl or 44 Mag will do the job for SD and deer hunting. For self defense the advantage ...

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Thread: .44 Mag vs .44 Spl vs .357 Mag

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    Any of the rounds 357 Mag, 44 Spl or 44 Mag will do the job for SD and deer hunting. For self defense the advantage of 357 will be bigger selection of guns and holsters. The advantage of 44 Spl is it will get the job done with less hearing damage and muzzle flash. The advantage of 44 Mag is it will do anything the other two will and you get the advantage of longer range.
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    Hi Searcher,
    "357mag is only a little more powerful than 38sp +p coming out of
    short barrel"

    My personal chronographing of both show the .357 gives a significant increase in velocity compared with the .38 Spl with approximately the same bullet.

    S&W M 640 2 1/8 in barrel 125 gr Gold Dot Vel = 1185 fps

    .38 Spl
    Speer Data
    135 Gr GDHP +p in 1 7/8 “ barrel Vel = 860 FPS
    My chrono
    Taurus M 85 2 inch barrel. 129 gr Fed Hydra Shok +P V = 915 fps
    S&W M 642 1 7/8 inch barrel 129 gr Fed Hydra Shok +P V = 835 fps

    The Taurus was faster, but even with the 915 fps there is still a significant difference of 260 fps, and comparing with the 642 350 fps.

    These results are in harmony with other data I have read. FWIW


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    The only problem that I had with the CA Bulldog 44 spcl with the 21/2 " bbl is finding a holster to fit this gun.? Most holster Mfg's do not list this size gun for any of their holsters & I don't know what other gun sizes are comparable to it like the S&W J frames this gun holds 5 44 spcl rounds so the cylinder is bigger than any 357 etc. I am calling up CA tomorrow & put them to the holster question etc. As this is my only peeve about buying that gun.?

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    I like the 44 special. I think the 44 mag is way too much for concealed carry or defensive use- just my opinion. Most 44 mag loads are hunting loads, which are not appropriate for defense. The 357 mag is a fabulous cartridge and many many types of loads are available. Guns can be small also if you can handle the recoil. The noise is awful! But the 357 mag 125 gr jhp is the gold standard for defense- wow. As other, more experienced guys have said, the 38+P is excellent and there are rounds appropriate to shorter barrel guns. The ability to shoot the cheaper, milder 38 special makes a 357 revolver such as the SW 686 an extremely versatile gun. If I could only have 1 handgun, that would be it I think. Good Luck.
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    .357mag is my FAVORITE handgun round. Followed closely by the .45ACP. They're good solid rounds you can depend on- they've been around for quite a while now.

    But, the 'hard calibers" (.45LC, .44spl, .44mag, etc.) can't be argued with. They're all great. It's just a matter of getting your hands on a gun you like that will take them.
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