LeverEvolution Ammo?

LeverEvolution Ammo?

This is a discussion on LeverEvolution Ammo? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; If you had a small .357 such as a Ruger SP101 for carry, do you think it would be practical to carry that (I believe ...

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Thread: LeverEvolution Ammo?

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    LeverEvolution Ammo?

    If you had a small .357 such as a Ruger SP101 for carry, do you think it would be practical to carry that (I believe Hornady) LeverEvolution ammo? Its the ones with the red tip. I've used the .44 in a pistol to take whitetail before and like the round. I was just wondering if it could double as a ccw loading in .357.

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    Sure it could be used for ccw load, but why would you want to. I would be concerned about over penetration. The purpose of LeverEvolution is to load pointed bullet in tube magazines for long range shooting, not really a SD situation. If it was all I had I would use to defend myself with. Hornady HP/XTP would be a better choice.
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    Why not use the Hornandy short barrel revolver ammo .. ??? Made for specifically for .38's and .357's with short barrels and self-defense.

    I've wanted to try the LeverEvolution ammo in my Marlin 1894 lever action .357 rifle, but never in a revolver.

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    I didn't notice much difference from any other 357 round thru my SP101 snubby as far as recoil and accuracy go. Not sure on ballistics/penetration since I just popped 5 off at paper targets. It's meant more as a hunting round thru a longer barrell revolver, or as mentioned a lever action.

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    I would suggest the Critical Defense round in .38 spl +P, 110 gr. Same concept, but made to be shot out of a revolver.

    Edit - Just checked their website - they now have a 125 gr .357 Mag available.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 10thmtn View Post
    Edit - Just checked their website - they now have a 125 gr .357 Mag available.
    WOW, that should be a dynamite round.... 125gr. velocity and critical defense bullet design...
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    I got the leverevolution 140 gr for my .357 snub for protection when Hiking and wandering through the woods, havn't shot it yet but thats my plan. I would rather use sabres for SD on the street though.
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