Pictures of your ammo storage/setup

Pictures of your ammo storage/setup

This is a discussion on Pictures of your ammo storage/setup within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; How do you store you different types and sizes of ammo? Are they categorized? are they all thrown in a box? What do you store ...

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Thread: Pictures of your ammo storage/setup

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    Pictures of your ammo storage/setup

    How do you store you different types and sizes of ammo? Are they categorized? are they all thrown in a box? What do you store it in and where? I'm curious and would love to see some pics.

    All my piles of ammo are in a cardboard box and I need a new system.
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    Sorry, no pics, but my ammo gets stored in ammo cans with a different can for each caliber. That reminds me, need two more cans.
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    What ammo?

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    My ammo was lost in the same tragic boating accident that caused the loss of my guns as well....
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    if i can recall after my alien abduction the "greys" took all the ammo for target practice on the other side of the moon..wait...i mean WHAT ammo??
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    I got a wood crate from a CT scanner's heat exchanger.

    I stack ammo boxes in there and it is more then enough for as little ammo as I have.
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    My ammo stash looks like the warehouse that Indiana Jones stored the Ark of the Covenant in.
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    I put my ammo and handguns in a 1.2 ft^3 fireproof safe that is bolted to the floor.

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    What ammo would you be referring to?
    I'm sorry...... I have no weapons, no ammo, and if I did, I'm sure they were lost in a tragic flood that may or may not have occurred in the past, or in a flood that may occur in the future.....or tornado......possibly even fire........
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    Factory ammo is stored in the original boxes

    Pistol/revolver handloads are either in MTM-style cases or bulk in 5x5x5 inch cardboard containers

    Rifle handloads are in MTM cases with the exception of .308 and .223. The .308 is in M1 Garand clips or bulk boxes and the .223 is in 10-round stripper clips.

    With the exception of some SD ammo kept with its respective pistol(s), all my ammo is in a dedicated ammo cabinet adjacent to the gun vault.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HotGuns View Post
    My ammo stash looks like the warehouse that Indiana Jones stored the Ark of the Covenant in.
    I saw that movie...
    Which box was yours?

    To the OP...
    Mine is all stored in two safes...with guns, of course.
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    Most of my ammo is stored at the backstop at my local range...

    Bottom shelf of the safe (I know your not suppose to store ammo with firearms)

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    Surplus ammo cans, by caliber. Some calibers have multiple cans. Just stacked in a closet in my office / gun room.

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    I just shot my last box today.

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    In my walk-in safe.
    ...T. Ray

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