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    Mag Safe

    Anyone use this ammo? I picked up some from my local gun shop and the owner raved about it. He also told me a story about testing it out on a deer and it had great results.

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    After reading a review on MagSafe I passed on it. It seems to fragment on impact and have NO penetration.. As to a deer I would still like to have a heavy bullet that has a good degree of penetration.. This stuff looks trendy to me..
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    I carry Mag Safe for both the .40 and .380. I know there are plenty of experts here who would not advise that, but it is what makes sense to me and seems to work well especially in my compact .40. I like the idea of high velocity frangible ammo.

    Downside, stuff is way tooo toooo toooooooo expensive to practice with. Other downside, it seems to be unproven in the real world because so few folks actually carry it.

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    I used to carry it, but recently went away from it. The ballistics on the frangible exotics just aren't solid enough for me. (pun intended) tests have shown again and again that wound ballistics require penetration, and I became too worried that the MagSafe rounds don't have enough penetration to be effective as a defense round.
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    I kept magsafe in my 357 model 66 that was kept loaded in my home. One night I had a guy trying to get through my front door. (He was at the wrong house, I don't know for sure if he was drunk but he was cursing up a storm and I was thinking home invasion) Long story made short, I was standing inside about 15 feet from the door in a shooting position waiting for him to bust through before he left. I can't tell you all the things racing through my mind in the 5 minutes it lasted but I was having doubts if the ammo would perform because he was a big guy.

    I thank God everytime I think about that night that I didn't have to test the Magsafe ammo. After that I made the decision to always use hollow points that I know will penetrate. Cops did catch up with him and he thought he was at his buddys house who lives 2 doors down and he thought I was his buddy messing with him. They said he was humbled when he found out how close he was to getting shot.

    The moral of this story is carry what you are comfortable with and what you have confidence in.

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    Nothing against this type of ammo, I don't have any experience with it, but it s not something I wish to experiment with.
    Hollow point ammo, given different and varying circumstances, in which it must perform, (winter coats), poor angle, not a solid vital hit, and IT sometimes disturbs me as to the performance that which will be achieved with the use of them.

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    Thanks for the info guys!

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