Questions from a sponsor

Questions from a sponsor

This is a discussion on Questions from a sponsor within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; TDS (Tactical Defense Solutions - site sponsor) recently had a fairly serious fire. The actual fire was contained to the office and showroom area which ...

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Thread: Questions from a sponsor

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    Questions from a sponsor

    TDS (Tactical Defense Solutions - site sponsor) recently had a fairly serious fire. The actual fire was contained to the office and showroom area which was a total loss. The warehouse area where ammo and such was kept received no damage at all.
    Now that the smoke has cleared there is the ungodly smell of burned wood everywhere. The cleanup crews are convinced that customers will complain about boxes of ammo that may possibly have a "woodsey" smell.

    Personally none of us can smell it on the boxes and personally cant see what it matters as all of them were in a detached warehouse and untouched by heat, flame or crud smoke.
    The cleanup crews want to "ozone" the boxes/cases. Were hesitant as were unsure what if any affect the process will have.

    All that said - I ask you, does the faint odor on a box of HST matter?
    Does anyone know what affect ozone has on ammunition?

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    It wouldn't matter to me.

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    send me a sample box of 9mm and I'll let you know

    but seriously, I would take a few boxes out of the warehouse and go ask someone who doesnt know what happened to smell it. I dont think a "woodsy" smell would bother me... but if it has a very strong burnt building smell I might question it.

    edit - I'm sure its crossed your mind, but I'm sure they're just trying to sell you more services
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    Ozone will have no effect upon ammunition. Whether it will get all the smell (if any) out of the cardboard boxes is another matter.
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    Don't think you will have any problem. I've pulled plenty of ammo out of a burning building and when it was examined it was declared as good.
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    Hey I was sorry to hear about the fire the other day when I read about it in the paper. Best of luck, and I hope you get everything back in order soon. No worries on the smoke smell as far as I'm concerned, I enjoy a "woodsy" odor.

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    Ozone will have no effect, but perhaps just a note included with each order explaining the woodsy smell?

    It wouldn't bother me in slightest, BTW
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    I once got a shipment that smelled like pot. 'Didn't care.
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    Sir, the "woodsy" smell will not bother me. I don't see a problem... but then I was a firefighter/emt for a number of years. Thanks for asking though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WHEC724 View Post
    I once got a shipment that smelled like pot. 'Didn't care.
    Don't use this will shoot a little 'high'...


    To the OP...
    I think it would matter depending upon the definition of 'faint'.
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    A slight smoke smell wouldn't bother me personally.

    If you don't want to go the Ozone route then just search Ebay for a product called "Zero Smoke" (smoke smell eliminator) and lightly spritz the ammo boxes with that. It works very well and it's only $5.00

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    Sorry to hear of the tragedy.
    Personally, the smell wouldn't bother me. I'm a smoker anyway. But it might bother some, and a lot of folks have allergies these days so you never know. I don't know much about ozone treatments, but I know what ozone smells like. Matter of fact, I can smell it right now at the mention of it. As someone previously suggested....I figure good luck on getting the smell of it out of cardboard boxes. If the ozone treatment is going to cost more than what insurance will allow, I'd think it might be better to offer a 'fire sale' on the affected merchandise rather than go through with an added expense. I don't know the whole situation either.

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    Heck, call it all "Hunting Ammo" and charge extra for the scent blocker factor.

    After some of the smells that products acquire during shipment a bit of woodsy smell is a non issue.

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    As long as it is hickory and not pine you should be able to raise the price. Have a fire sale.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TDSUS View Post
    does the faint odor on a box of HST matter?
    Wouldn't matter to me.

    Does anyone know what affect ozone has on ammunition?
    I don't know.

    Ozone odor removal seems to be a relatively common technique used by groups following smoke damage. Devices can be purchased for under $1K to do this in moderately-sized rooms. Uncertain if these smaller units would be sufficient for a "warehouse" sized space.
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