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Kind of new to .45

This is a discussion on Kind of new to .45 within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; 230's. Buy hardball and practice till you can make the shots count. I never found any recoil difference to speak of between a hot 185 ...

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Thread: Kind of new to .45

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    230's. Buy hardball and practice till you can make the shots count. I never found any recoil difference to speak of between a hot 185 VS a standard 230, in fact I feel the 230 is more controllable IMHO.
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    New gun?
    For me, I'd shoot at least 300 rounds for break-in before I carried it, I won't carry anything I haven't tested myself.
    I'm not recoil shy at all, so I'd start with the 230 grain, get used to the recoil, getting follow up shots back on target.
    If you don't have any objection to the 230 grain during the break-in period go ahead and get some 230 grain carry ammo and test a box to assure it feeds reliably. If you find the 230 grain to be frisky try 200 or less grain for the carry ammo.
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    The very reason that I have a .45 is Big Bullets.
    230 grain for me.

    If you want smaller bullets, get a smaller caliber.
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    i think you will find that your 145 shoots fairly soft. I have the 745, which is lighter and slimmer. It shoots surprisingly soft with 230's. Too bad its a piece and I cant trust. Good luck...
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    As long as it feeds reliably, and are accurate and controllable out of your 145 in your hands, there's no reason not to use the same Gold Dots you use in your HD 1911.
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    I'd stick with the 230gr.

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    I have always found the recoil of the .45ACP to be very manageable and I honestly can't feel the difference between 230 gr and 185 gr.

    I shoot a G30, 5" 1911, and a S&W 625 wheelgun all in .45.

    The .45 is much easier to shoot than the .40 IMO.

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    When it comes to all my 45 I pretty much used 230 grain as it seems to be the standard.Why mess with success.

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