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.38 Shotshell in first 2 chambers?

This is a discussion on .38 Shotshell in first 2 chambers? within the Defensive Ammunition & Ballistics forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; President Reagans detail used to carry a round or two of snake shot in their guns while he was visiting his ranch....

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Thread: .38 Shotshell in first 2 chambers?

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    President Reagans detail used to carry a round or two of snake shot in their guns while he was visiting his ranch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    Snakes . . . I don't get it. You folks realize that the max range of a snake strike is 2-3 feet, don't you? Your initial leap of faith, accompanied by that girlie scream, will bring you down out of that range. Oh, you didn't see it? Then it would probably have bitten you already.

    If you feel you just gotta kill it--and live with the rats, etc. instead--use a shovel. No one ever had to expalin a "man with a shovel" call.
    I'm certain that you're wrong there, I just don't have any evidence. I have had to make-up a way to kill a copperhead before, and I have to say that it made me rather uncomfortable. I knew it was on it's way to a very public/populated place and likely to 'get spooked' and bite someone. So, for the sake of other people, I felt it better to 'neutralize' the potential problem. But, I had to beat it to death. It seemed rather cruel to beat it to death because of the 'chance' that it might hurt someone- even severely- but... I just couldn't help but think about how horrible it would be to be beaten to death.

    One shot, and finished would have been much better.

    Quote Originally Posted by StevieDevie View Post
    I am amazed that everyone describes attackers as these crazy animals that can only be put down with a 357 magnum or above. Unfortunately, I have been shot. With a 22lr. It hurt like hell and I thought I was going to die. I was not attacking someone, but the first thing that enters your mind when you have been hit is survival. Get away for the firearm and get medical help. I read all these people throw off on 22lr or 22 WMR or shotshells like they will do nothing put piss off the attacker. I got an idea. Let me shoot you with a 38 shotshell and see what goes through your mind. A lady in Macon, GA shot a intruder with a shotshell in the neck and face. The paper said he went into the fetal position in the corner of the room and beg the person to get help. Any gun make a loud bang and scare most individuals. And yes, there probable are the 1 in a million person that is drugged up and intent on nothing but killing you. Most likely you will never see the bullet coming and will be dead before you ever think of shooting back. I applaud someone for thinking of a less than lethal alternative as the first shot. I would bet my life that it would stop the person in their tracks before coming forward. That give the defendant time to run or fire off another round. In my line of work, I have been robbed, shot, and threaten several times. Just the presentation of a firearm is usually all it takes. But I know, the majority of people who have never been shot or shot anyone will still talk of the crazed unstoppable attacker. When you meet him, I hope you have your 460 ready. My best friend carries a NAA 22 magnum Black widow in his pocket all the times because it is light and easily concealible. He never leaves home without it. To date, he has presented it twice and the persons ran. So, let go of the fear of the crazed attacker and think more humanely like the original poster.
    As far as 'thinking more humanely' is concerned, that goes out the window when I'm looking at a knife or a gun threatening myself or my wife. Once it reaches that point, all bets are off. And me and my family WILL be walking away.

    I've never been shot, but I have been threatened with it- the muzzle of a 9mm is rather unpleasant when it's against your neck. If there had been only one person with a gun threatening me, I probably would have done something violent and permanent. Having never been shot but knowing the things that I do know about it, I plan on using the most efficient, painless, round I can find to make sure the 'shootee' does not suffer an undue amount of pain before the problem is rectified.
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    "Gun control should mean hitting your target every time."

    Please try to remember- I have a very dry sense of humor. It usually sounds mean, but isn't meant to be.

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    Get some Gold Dots or Winchester Rangers in that 38 ! Save the birdshot for birds . 125 gr +P's are good. If you can handle 158 gr then get those instead. The 158 gr +P's are the best stoppers out of the 38 Specials. If your gun can't handle +P ammo then the 125gr Gold Dot is the best bet.
    A good traditional load in 38 special is Federals Nyclad in 125gr and also 158 gr LSWCHP +P if you can find them !
    Other decent 38 Special loads are Remington Golden Sabre {Reg or Bonded}, Hornady XTP Custom, Federal Hydra-Shok, and Winchester PDX-1.
    Stay away from 158 gr lead round nose and weak 130 gr FMJ. The LRN stuff has been so downloaded it's a shame. Some 130 gr FMJ are okay if they are above 860 fps, lower than that forget them !

    Outlaw Guns and Only Outlaws Will Have Guns !!

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    Unload the shotshells.

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