Trooper Mark Coates video, Armed citizens almost shot by backup officers

Trooper Mark Coates video, Armed citizens almost shot by backup officers

This is a discussion on Trooper Mark Coates video, Armed citizens almost shot by backup officers within the Defensive Books, Video & References forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; PM me for the link... At the 8:35 mark on the video, the first officer arrives on the scene, and seems about a hair's breadth ...

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    Unhappy Trooper Mark Coates video, Armed citizens almost shot by backup officers

    PM me for the link...

    At the 8:35 mark on the video, the first officer arrives on the scene, and seems about a hair's breadth away from shooting two witnesses who stopped to help Trooper Coates. It notes in the video that one of the two has a .380 in his hand when the trooper arrives on scene. This citizen's willingness to help law enforcement is commendable , but it damn near got him shot for his efforts.

    Citizen trying to help at scene of officer shooting with gun in hand when other officers arrive = very, VERY BAD idea

    I think we can all learn a lot from seeing how hyped up the first officer is in this video, and how confusion at the scene almost led to a 'friendly fire' incident.

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    Link to video??

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    Yep, because we know we're the good guy, we may forget that the police may not have any idea who the good and bad guys are. If you're on the scene with a gun in hand, you'll get the full attention of the police.

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    Am I missing the link?
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    According to the little note on the first post, it was Edit by Rocky and the link removed.

    "Last edited by rocky : Today at 06:38 AM. Reason: No video of PD being shot ."

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    google the his name and you'll soon ge to the link. It's scary how fast that situation could have gone BAD for the witnesses. The troopers were seriously excited and upset.

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    glad no one was accidentally killed...
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    If anyone finds the link, please post it - I can't seem to find it on Google.

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    Yeah, all I can find are links that talk of the Mark Coates training videos and posts in forums where other people are commenting on having seen it. I don't want to see an officer shot, but now that I have read the transcripts and so many posts from police officer cadets who have seen it as part of their training, I am curious as to the training value of it. Anybody that has the link, please PM me with it.
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    It happened where I-95 crosses into SC from GA. That stretch of the road is named for the trooper and gives me shivers everytime I ride through there.

    The trooper made a tactical error when conducting a patdown of the perp. They began to fight and the perp gets off a single shot with a .22. The shot goes into the trooper's side through the velcro strap on his vest and hits his aorta (sp?).

    The trooper draws his revolver loaded with .38sp+P and shoots the perp five times but didn't hit anything vital. The trooper was able to put out a radio call, IIRC, and slowly bled to death. The perp lived.

    A citizen stopped to help and was almost capped when a responding trooper arrived on scene.

    The video was shown to us quite a few times in the academy.
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