First I'd like to say Thank You Michael Martin!! Wow, this is much more than expected!
I received my copy and was VERY impressed with the quality of the book.

This book should be on the counter at every gun store and shooting range. I also believe this book should be the foundation of the training process at every concealed carry licence class. So many new CC licensees have been issued with many first time gun owners knowing little, if anything, about home defense. This book starts with the basic understanding of weapons (including interesting statistics) and continues on to give real life scenarios to help you understand when you can and can NOT use deadly force.

There are 7 chapters in the book.

1. Developing a personal & home protection plan.
2. Handgun and shotgun basics.
3. Shooting fundamentals for defensive accuracy.
4. The LEGAL use of force.
5. Violent encounters and their aftermath.
6. Gear and gadgets.
7. Basic and advanced skills.

Every chapter is very well written and accompanied by excellent, high quality photos for clarification. The information is well researched and should clear up many misconceptions and 'myths'. Author Michael Martin runs the carry gamut from why to carry all the way to very effective training exercises to build the skills necessary to do so. His advice on contacting your attorney first and remaining silent and NOT allowing a search of car or home is very valuable information and topics that are rarely discussed.

This book is an absolutely invaluable tool and should be sitting on every gun owners coffee table.

Highly recommended to gun owners of any level. 5 stars.

Go here to purchase.

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