Baton Techniques

Baton Techniques

This is a discussion on Baton Techniques within the Defensive Books, Video & References forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does anyone know of a good book or video on collapsible baton techniques? The ones I've found on Amazon seem a bit out of date ...

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Thread: Baton Techniques

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    Baton Techniques

    Does anyone know of a good book or video on collapsible baton techniques? The ones I've found on Amazon seem a bit out of date and give little description of what they contain.

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    Im going to have to say that baton techniques are not really teachable thro a book . Hands on interaction between instructor and student is the key . I suggest you look for martial schools in your area and spend the money in class myself . Many of the LE instructors wont take non LE students , but if you can find one well that will be a condensed version with limited " moves " that normaly are easy to retain . Good luck on your learning no matter what path you take tho .
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    first check your state/local laws on batons a lot of places they are considered prohibited weapons and will get you arrested.

    Now having said that, get you a kubaton or better yet a surefire E2E, that way you have a light source and a short piece of metal as an "improvised weapon" for applying pressure point/pain compliance tactics.

    The thing about batons is that if you do not get proper training you will get the hell beat out of you with your own.

    Go directly to the manufacturers sites some of them have some good information about technique, also look in some of the gun mags they do carry ads for tactical training dvds and books in them.
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    Baton techniques?

    Well, I'll save you $14.95 and give you everything you need to know, as a protection-minded private individual, to effectively employ said baton:

    1) Remove baton from storage compartment and deploy;

    2) Proceed to violently thrash opponent about the head, torso, and/or arms;

    3) Upon conclusion, collapse baton and replace in storage compartment (if not bent so excessively as to make collapsing difficult).

    If one desires anything above this level of proficiency, then RR is correct: One should seek out professional, in-person instruction. However, the actual likelyhood that a private individual will actually have occasion to use anything requiring great spohistication is remote.

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    Batons are Illegal in Indiana unless you are certified in PR24 by a LEO. Good luck in getting a class though. That's why I have a mag light. It also helps to blind the person before you have to hit them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whitestone View Post
    Does anyone know of a good book or video on collapsible baton techniques? The ones I've found on Amazon seem a bit out of date and give little description of what they contain.
    Kelly McCann has an excellent 2 part video about use of the collapsible baton for $100
    Order at

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