DVD Review: House Clearing

DVD Review: House Clearing

This is a discussion on DVD Review: House Clearing within the Defensive Books, Video & References forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I just got a video from Lenny Magill DVDs entitled "House Clearing and Cornering" featuring Ken Hackathorn and Bill Wilson. The video didn't cost much ...

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Thread: DVD Review: House Clearing

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    DVD Review: House Clearing

    I just got a video from Lenny Magill DVDs entitled "House Clearing and Cornering" featuring Ken Hackathorn and Bill Wilson.

    The video didn't cost much ($20). If you haven't had any training on clearing a house it is definitely worth the price. However, it is a very basic session. Most of it is just common sense.

    Obviously, the only time you would clear your house by yourself is if you had loved ones at risk. Otherwise, get the hell out of dodge and call 911.

    The only things that bugged me about the video was 1) they didn't talk about clearing stairways and landings which would have been very informative and 2) there was a lot of pointing guns at the cameramen. Lenny came on once to state that the guns used were disabled so they couldn't fire and advised people to use practice guns (red guns, blue guns, etc) to practice clearing.

    Ken and Bill frequently checked to make sure the guns were unloaded but during the live fire sessions they appeared to use the same guns or real ones identical to the fake ones. That made my eye twitch a little.

    There were a couple of things that were very interesting. They were showing how interior walls are not cover. They shot .22LR, .38, 9ml and 45acp into a wall section. One shot from each caliber was fired through the sheet rock section of the wall and one shot from each caliber was fired through the 2 by 4 stud (lengthwise thru 4 inches of wood).

    All rounds penetrated the two sheet rock sides and hit the target and the only round that didn't completely penetrate the 2 by 4 and hit the target was the 22LR.

    Then they shot through a cinderblock using 2 shots from a 9ml and 2 from a 45acp. The first shot of each chipped the cinderblock and the second punched through the exact same place. The 45acp also cracked the back wall of the cinderblock.

    The other interesting thing was watching all three of them compare times shooting 1 shot each on 3 widely spaced targets with their times shooting double taps on each of the same three targets. By widely spaced, I mean one to the front, one to the far left and one to the far right.

    The average difference between the 3 shot runs and the 6 shot runs was .47 seconds. The point they were making is that we are often told that if you have multiple assailants, we should get one shot on each of them and THEN determine whether additional doses of lead are needed.

    Their conclusion was that if the difference between accurately firing 6 vs 3 shots was less than 1/2 second, it would be preferable to do the 6 shots. That way if you miss the first shot under stress, you would still have a second shot on its way toward the same adversary.

    However, they did admit that this only holds true if you are an "accomplished" shooter.

    All in all, I think the DVD is worth it and I'm glad that I have added it to my collection. Any additional knowledge is always a good thing.

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    It's a great video and echos a lot of the training we got in my classes for bail bond recovery. I'm sure I have a greater use for the info than most folks, but if you pick it up, there are great pointers on tactical gun use for anyone.

    Of course I always have the option of tossing in a 6oz pepper spray grenade instead.
    Bail bond recovery agent... no, not like that "dog" fella.

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    Can I ask where you found it for that price?
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