Book Review: Armed Response

Book Review: Armed Response

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Thread: Book Review: Armed Response

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    Book Review: Armed Response

    Armed Response
    By David Kenik


    Overall a Excellent read main problem why it didnt get a 5 Rating is that sometimes i had to sit and think where in the heck is he going with this train of writing and i never figured it out and there is a lot of misspelling not his fault but still.

    There are 31 chapters in the book and there short 1-4 pages print is decent sized so your not squinting. The book is set up more for The relative new concealed carry than those who've done it awhile.

    He covers good point what kind of training what to expect if you are involved in a shooting he doesnt candy coat it.

    He is pretty blunt and tells ya dont expect the police to protect you which is abotu the first one i have seen do this as of late.

    Also covers things like you mind set can you take a life are you comfortable with your carry gun and training.

    There is some Be the bullet Zen but not a lot also cover safe handling holsters beyond the basics gun handling and different trigger types

    Wheelies Vs Semi auto's not to much on caliber wars..

    There is also a chapter Draw to win which i think is a good chapter and read it couple times.

    Covers the relaod and doesnt advise a tactile reload which seems to be the hot topic lately

    Covers bullet selection stopping power and more traiining and keeping it real training..

    A great Chapter is After the confrontation What next??

    Covers what to do with your robber/rapeist after you have them unarmed shot or not .

    Covers BUG's and other carry items safe storage and what he thinks of gun control..

    Im not going into super detail becuse if i did i might as well type the whole book.

    All in all a excellent read some ideals and other items i had'nt thought of.

    Worth the Read for old hands and new alike.

    Only other dislike is i would have like to see it a bit longer but since he uses a no BS No fluff Writing style this is ok ..

    Armed Response

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    Just the fact he does not like tactical reloads is enough for me to want to read the book, and Ayoob does not hand out complements often.
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    I just finished reading this book, so here's a few random thoughts.

    I agree about the spelling & grammatical errors. There are far too many. These are things that the editor should have corrected. The author credits the editor's "sharp eyes" & "editing skills". I disagree. Similarly, the author (or the editor) doesn't know the difference between "ordnance" & "ordinance". This is inexcusable. This is something I would expect from a gun knowledge challenged newspaper reporter, but not a gun writer.

    In Chapter 2, the author asks "Can you take a life"? If the answer is no, his advice is to not carry a gun. I couldn't agree more. This might be the best single piece of advice in the book.

    Chapter 3 on use of lethal force is excellent. Fast-forward to Chapter 12. The author says that firearms with single action triggers (read the 1911) are unsafe for defense use except for the most highly trained users. If he hadn't included this disclaimer, I would dispute this statement. Because he did state this caveat, I totally agree.

    In Chapter 15, the author says that modifying personal defense guns is a bad idea. I agree that safety devices should never be de-activated or modified, but all mods are not necessarily a bad idea. I think the author could have expanded on this topic a lot more than he did.

    Chapter 22, Ammunition Options, the author says to never use reloads for defense purposes. I think his reasons are valid, and I agree, with one exception. He says that reloaded ammunition is inherently unreliable. The key word here is "inherently", i.e., an established fact. This is totally and unequivocally, untrue. I reloaded commercially for five years, in addition to my personal reloading, & I never had a single problem related to reliability or safety.

    A few final observations. Chapter 23, Stopping Power, is excellent. Chapter 26, After The Confrontation, Chapter 27, Consequences Of A Shooting, & Chapter 31, Gun Control, all exellent. In Chapter 28, the author says to keep away from all guns with internal locks (read S&W's "Lawyer Lock").
    Right on!

    My copy is inscribed and autographed, a very nice touch. My thanks to the author. And ya gotta just love the cover photo!

    Lastly, I agree with the 4 rating for this book.
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    I just bought this book yesterday. I"ll let you know what I think when I'm done.

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    Wow - 2 reviews in one thread already.

    Does sound like a worthwhile read. Thx guys.
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    Thanks for the reviews. I just got the book and will be reading it shortly (as soon as I finish the concealed handgun manual by Chris Bird)
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    I have the book as well and I have to admit that I haven't finished it. HOWEVER, he turned it into a class and my wife and I were proud to be in his pilot class. 9 hours of classroom instruction..was supposed to include some range work, but he hadn't yet trimmed the instruction content to allow for range time. Besides, the whole class voted for more instruction when he gave the option. It was a fantastic class--highly recommend it! Last I heard it was being offered at SIGArms academy. He does make the occasional forum appearance as well.

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    It was a quick and easy read. I give it a "B".

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    I just finished the book myself. I enjoyed it.

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    I read it about a year ago and really enjoyed it. I can't disagree with any of the previous statements here.

    Good reviews folks!
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    good book.

    i learned a few things that wern't covered in CPL class. and reinforced things that were.

    as for spelling... i didn't notice a thing.

    i just keep dwelling over the "single action" / "double action" thing. he suggests a DAO, or heaver weight trigger for defense. (C. 12 Pg. 49-51). ... but maybe that's for another thread.
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    I have read this book and is in my library. It does have a forward by Mas Ayoob. A good book to read by anyone who is interested in or carries a firearm.
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