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This is a discussion on Clint Smith? within the Defensive Books, Video & References forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Old school here too, guys. I think Clint Smith's approach is great. It's all about driving home the mechanics of the technique he's trying to ...

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Thread: Clint Smith?

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    Old school here too, guys.
    I think Clint Smith's approach is great. It's all about driving home the mechanics of the technique he's trying to share, over and over - with a 'bit' of intensity.
    He want's to make sure you 'get it'.
    I think he's great on PDTV and if I didn't live so far away from Thunder Ranch I take one of his courses.

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    I have the Urban Rifle DVD. I thought it was very basic, but there are always new shooters that don't know the basics. I still have to re-watch various parts to practice certain positions. Like most movies, there are always things you didn't see before after you watch the same thing over and over.

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    Speaking as someone who has been to his school, I can tell you that what Clint teaches is as useful today as it was then. The most telling part of his teaching happens when you begin actually shooting, though. I remember walking into his office in Mountain Home, and his first statement to me was: Leave your ego at the door, because I am going to trash it the first day". He made this statement not out of arrogance, but because he knew I was an IPSC shooter. What you don't see (or feel) in his videos is the sheer intensity of the actual hands-on shooting that is done in his courses. No DVD can capture this, believe me.

    The biggest blow my ego ever suffered occurred when I entered his kill houses to clear them. Inside, I found that targets that I nailed with double-taps in the critical mass area didn't move or fall away, signaling that they had been neutralized; I also found that when failing to "slice the pie" properly, a hidden paintball gun began shooting me rapid fire, all over the place up and down my body.

    I also found out that the same thing happened when you charged up stairways too quickly as well. he also had innocent bystanders that popped into hallways after you fired the first shot. Of course, all of his videos may seem basic, but I can assure everyone that if you spend the money and go to his school you will:

    1) Be very humbled by everything you don't know.

    2) The "M" card you have in IPSC or IDPA is not even worth the paper it is printed on (just entering one of his kill houses will teach you this quickly).

    What I gleaned from Mr. Smith all those years ago was this: Gunfighting is a very brutal thing that often erupts very quickly. Your tactics to survive one, therefore, must be as efficient as possible. Don't buy into the latest "magical fad" because there is no magical fad. There are time tested and battle-proven techniques that can be practiced and mastered to handle just about any situation, the key is to learn them and learn them well. Clint learned his craft from the founding father of our discipline, Jeff Cooper. While many others have come along and caused our techniques to evolve over time, the core principles remain the same.

    So while Clint may seem to some as "basic", I assure you that he is that way because he knows what works and what doesn't from actual experience.....
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    I think it is worth the time to read stuff that Mr. Smith has written, as well. I've read many columns over the years that included ideas that have become part of my 'toolbox'.

    We're talking about a guy who is just shy of thirty years of experience w/defensive techniques AFTER leaving LE, so of course he's got something for you to learn! I've seen mention of 'old school' earlier in the thread, and I respectfully submit that the answer lies in the wording; you don't get to be that if you don't have your you-know-what together...especially if you've been on the ground in a jungle for two tours of duty and then on a beat in the concrete version for seven years.

    Seek him out, Jedi. There is always more to learn!

    I welcome any opportunity to train with him.
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    Does anyone know if Clint Smith has any videos on concealed carry?

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    Ridgeline (my partner) has the complete set. The disks are really basic stuff. If you have no training than it would mean a lot to you. If you were trained long ago it would bring back some basic things you may have forgotten. He has placed a lot of money into his training facilities. He set the standard long ago but I think today the BG's are way more aggressive and I think we have to train aggressive. But that is me.....
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    Folks like Clint Smith at Thunder Ranch, and Jeff Cooper's Gunsight, and a few others will always define the standard. Once we learn the basics we are now positioned to develope and refine our skills. Once we stop learing we stop growing. I have shot and even taught for years, and I would love to have had the oppertunity to visit one of these legends. They have made self-defense in America what it is today.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    He is old school, but I think he is smart enough to keep his videos and such very basic. If I made videos there is no way in hades I would show and teach very many "tricks" to gun fighting. No way. The man knows what he is doing.
    Shame on you Six, thats just wrong how is the poor inner city banger supposed to learn any advanced tactics and skills than? Poor kids are involved in more combat than any of us law abiding folks, except you guys with all the advantages of course. Some groups of inner city youths life expectancy is what 25 years old, without proper skills how will they live long enough to write book from death row about how repentant they are?
    Joking .........
    I did read an article that Clint says that two pistols are do able. As I recall he alternates between the two. If you like I will see if I can dig the article up. Me I am too old to want to try to focus on more than one gun when it hits the fan
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    I don't have his DVD's, but I did buy a used S&W 22-4 Thunder Ranch edition revolver and LOVE it!

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    My opinion on training is success is built on fundamentals and getting the fundamentals down to an automatic response.

    From there personalization takes place. No two people are built exactly alike - different physical abilities, sight, hearing, strong side and weak side performance etc... In this respect I have found that Clint does a very good job of teaching the fundamentals and is very consistent in his teaching.

    The key is to practice until it becomes automatic...considering that the human body and minds normal reacting to a "fight or flight" situation looks pretty much like a train wreck our performance will depend on the automatic response we have learned.

    I have been to a lot of advanced tactical training and what I have observed is whatever bad habits that have been learned continue to be exhibited throughout the "advanced" practical application - including mine. So you end up with advanced tactics being built on poor fundamentals. This is kind of like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

    I know in a gunfight - usually someone's future is gonna be reinvented...I choose to invent my own opposed to letting the BG do it for me. Part of making sure this happens is to work on the fundamentals until they are my natural response no matter the stress level.

    I see this philosophy in Clint's training - he repeats, repeats, repeats the same basic tactics - hammering them home - never accepting that anyone's performance is good enough - always looking for improvement. Once we think we have "arrived" at perfection we are in deep trouble.
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    There are a lot of "Firearms Instructors" out there but if I found myself in a gunfight, I'd be real darn happy to see Clint by my side! (He might not be too happy to see me, but that's a whole nother thing!)
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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