Book Review: Welcome to the Real World

Book Review: Welcome to the Real World

This is a discussion on Book Review: Welcome to the Real World within the Defensive Books, Video & References forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD A Dangerous Place to Be Caught Unprepared! In this review, I will attempt to relay as clearly as possible what ...

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Thread: Book Review: Welcome to the Real World

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    Talking Book Review: Welcome to the Real World

    WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD A Dangerous Place to Be Caught Unprepared!

    In this review, I will attempt to relay as clearly as possible what I believe to be a clear, objective synopsis of this fine book. I will cover the basic outline of the book, along with MY feelings/opinion of the book, and of its author.

    I am not in any way being paid for or compensated for reviewing this book. But, after reading it, and speaking by phone with Mr. Williams, I believed it to be worth sharing with the readers of this forum.

    This book was written by Mr. Bryan S. Williams of Williams Associates Protective Services, LLC. The base breakdown of this book is two part. Part one explaining potential threats, and part two delves into weapons and thier applications. After reading the first few pages of this book, it occured to me suddenly something was missing: the word TACTICAL. I mean, come on, any book that has anything to do with combat and guns and fighting has to have the word 'tactical' in it, right? NO! it doesnt. Mr. Williams has very thoughtfully put this book together for people like me. And, probably for folks like most of you out there. I am not an 'operator'. I dont fast rope down buildings, or jump out of helos onto speeding cigarette boats. This book is not written for snake eaters. Its written for people living in my world. Everyday people, and for that I thank Mr. Williams. He attempts to educate at the base level, which is where I am at. While the author does include 9/11 and terrorism, as its portrayed on CNN, he is also meticulous in defining 'domestic' terrorism such as the killings at Columine High. Mr. Williams covers a great area of reading different messages sent by potential threats by thier body language. Stuff you and I might see someone do, but have not put any more thought into it than that. For each 'sign' of trouble listed, the author posts several interpretations of that sign. He is also careful to point out that any signal by itself rarely means much, in combination with other signals, is a warning of potentially dangerous behavior. All of this is written with one goal in mind, read the developing situation, and get the hell out of it. When you read about 'what you are trying to avoid', you'll understand what the author means. The author also has a very, very interesting section on obsessive/stalking behaviors. Every female out there should get this book if just for this section (although, like me, you will benefit from the whole of the book). IF you cannot get out of the danger zone, then and only then does Mr. Williams espouse the use of weapons. Which takes us into the second half of the book.

    Weapons, and mainly the use of handguns is covered very well in the latter half of this writing. Well written, and to the point articles cover things like stances, which the author has no real hard dogma about, since if you are fighting for you life, you probably dont have time to take much of a stance anyway. Weapon selection and type, ammo differences, and grip style are also investigated. All done in a manner not to overwhelm the reader with how much he knows, but with enough facts for you to decide for yourself what the best caliber/platform combo is. Concealment is covered with respect to holsters and wardrobe. Of course, key combative points are also given ink. Things such as cover and concealment, and thier corresponding definitions and applications are discussed in a basic form. In other words, the author doesnt spend time discussing what calibers might go through your cover of choice, so much as just GET TO COVER. And keep getting to better cover.

    I had a chance to speak with Mr. Williams on the phone and I must say, it was a real pleasure. The gentleman has a 'gallows humor' that I really appreciate. NOTE: you will see some of this humor in the book, along with some pg13 language. It is all in context, and is used to relay the levity or urgency of the situation. He relayed to me some of the examples from the book of situations that he's been in. Not with a haughty or braggart's attitude, but from the standpoint of what he's learned an how can others benefit from those experiences. My personal opinion of this man is that he wants to help, because thats what he loves to do. I hope some of you will take advantage of this learning opportunity and check out this book. will lead you through his sight and credentials, along with a window to order this book.

    Thank you for your time,


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    Excellent report jd - thanks for taking the trouble. Does indeed seem like a very good read.

    Chris - P95
    NRA Certified Instructor & NRA Life Member.

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    is like owning a piano and assuming that you are a musician!." - a portal for 2A links, articles and some videos.

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    Not a prob, dude. Figgerd if it was something helpful to me, maybe someone else could benefit.


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    Beat me to it i havent finished it yet but so far your dead on very very good book

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    Will be placing an order on Monday
    Stay Safe,

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    Hi Kevin,
    Because at times my assistant will process the orders for me, please be sure to type "Combat" after your name so you can get the discounted price.

    Also, I do still have a few copies in stock so I will ship it out to you immediately. The site to order from is:

    Thanks and Be Safe

    Bryan S. Williams
    Williams Associates Protective Services, LLC

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