What Gun Mags Do You Read Regularly? WHY Those? (Merged threads)

What Gun Mags Do You Read Regularly? WHY Those? (Merged threads)

This is a discussion on What Gun Mags Do You Read Regularly? WHY Those? (Merged threads) within the Defensive Books, Video & References forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'll start: GUNS, GUNS & AMMO, COMBAT HANDGUNS, NRA MAG OF CHOICE: AMERICA'S 1ST FREEDOM I have been reading G&A since I was in the ...

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Thread: What Gun Mags Do You Read Regularly? WHY Those? (Merged threads)

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    Question What Gun Mags Do You Read Regularly? WHY Those? (Merged threads)

    I'll start:

    I have been reading G&A since I was in the 6th grade. It is possibly one of the most influential periodicals I have ever read. Influential in that I began to really learn about firearms, and firearm safety at a very young age. This magazine, I think, helped steer me in the direction of law enforcement and a Criminal Justice degree. I love "COOPER'S CORNER"

    GUNS I love for the SUPERB photography and a good balance of articles.

    COMBAT HANDGUNS is an excellent resource guide for tactics and improving one's perception of personal safety in daily life. I love the column called: It Happened To Me. Actually, I love all the regular columns in this mag. If I had to prioritize my subscriptions, I'd just as soon drop one of my others to get this one.

    America's 1st Freedom is an excellent way to keep current on the agenda of the gun grabbers, as well as the most current doctrines.
    Former Army Infantry Captain; 28 yrs as an NRA Certified Instructor; NRA Patron Life; Avid practitioner of the martial art: KLIK-PAO.

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    At the moment all I get is American Handgunner.

    I like the custom guns and Clint Smith's Reality Check column.

    I collect a lot of Jeff Cooper's stuff on the net.

    I'll probably start Combat Handguns.

    NRA also, First Freedom.
    Heroes are people who do what has to be done, when it has to be done, regardless of the consequences

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    American Handgunner, Guns, Combat handguns, NRA First Freedom.
    The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.
    Thomas Jefferson

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    American Handgunner

    Rifles Handloader

    And Rifle

    thats about it

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    American Handgunner

    America's First Freedom

    These with regularity, others that may catch my eye...
    "Anything worth shooting is worth shooting twice; ammo is cheap, life is expensive."

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    I read American Handgunner, Guns and Shooting Times. Once these subscriptions are up I'll probably drop American Handgunner and pick up Combat Handguns. I pick it up off the rack sometimes and the articles and columns are superb. And I'll second Guns superb photos, very nice!
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    AM Handgunner ~ Others

    I usually grab/buy whatever is on the shelf depends on what is being featured.
    If the main articles are about the latest Taurus handgun & the new Uncle Mike's holster then I sure won't buy it.

    So many "Gun Writers" have run out of things to write about.
    So much in most firearms magazines is just rehash & BS.
    I can usually find whatever I'm interested in reading about (that is gun related) on the web....so I don't buy the Gun Ragazines these days...like I used to.
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    I subscribe to American Handgunner and American Rifleman. I used to get America's 1st Freedom, and as soon as my NRA membership is up for renewal I'd like to switch back.

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    Concealed Carry Magazine and America's 1st Freedom.
    NRA Life Member
    Northwest Florida Defensive Pistol Shooters Member
    Sarhog's gallery

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    Guns and Ammo & American Rifleman

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    None. It's all the same hoopla and garbage and ad copy disguised as articles recycled over and over again.

    I pick one up every so often at random.

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    I have a subscribtion to CCM and to SWAT. I pick up Combat Handguns when I am at wally world (about every other month). And I also get America's First Freedom.

    I won't be able to afford to renew the CCM at the moment but when able I will.

    As for why I no longer subcribe to others like Guns, Guns and Ammo, etc.. is that they were short changing me. I had suspensions for awhile and quit for awhile and then renewed. I saved everyone that I received and noticed that normally in a 12 issue subscribtion I got 9 to 10 and with a 9 issue, around 5 to 7.

    I also don't subscribe to gun tests anylonger because I paid for a subscribtion and received nothing. Then I got a letter in the mail from a collection agency stating that I owed gun tests for a subscribtion that I paid for and received nothing on. They dinged my credit and I'm still in arbatration (or whatever you call it) with the credit company.


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    Have had pretty much consistent mag choice for ages. CCM of course since it started. G&A, Handguns and 1st Freedom. I'd like to see AH and Combat handguns at times but frankly - I struggle to read what I do get.

    Add to those other mags in other sphere's - model planes and bikes. No way can I keep up!!

    The web does of course also help immensely in keeping up with things and in some ways that is probably the most valuable source of all.

    Forgot the ''why'' - well those mag's do pretty much supply what I want re gen info - so more a case of ''they'll do'' than any specific big plus on any one - tho CCM is perhaps the most dedicated to subject and therefore has a special place.
    Chris - P95
    NRA Certified Instructor & NRA Life Member.

    "To own a gun and assume that you are armed
    is like owning a piano and assuming that you are a musician!."

    http://www.rkba-2a.com/ - a portal for 2A links, articles and some videos.

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    America's First Freedom from the NRA and Combat Handguns by subscription. The others are great too and I'll pick them up from time to time at the store.
    "To disarm the people is the best and most effective way to enslave them."
    George Mason

    "Gun control is a job-safety program for criminals."
    John R. Lott

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    Small Arms Review. Better overall view of things coming down the pike, from the ATF, etc., less "pull" from sponsors on review articles (as in, Beretta, S&W, HK, FN, etc., don't advert much in SAR). Great firearms history.

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