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This is a discussion on An Embarrassed Announcement within the Defensive Books, Video & References forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I guess this is the appropriate forum to put this in... When my friend Mark Walters and I began collaborating on a book last year ...

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Thread: An Embarrassed Announcement

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    An Embarrassed Announcement

    I guess this is the appropriate forum to put this in...

    When my friend Mark Walters and I began collaborating on a book last year (Lessons from Armed America, from White Feather Press), we were extremely excited about the possibilities. We knew we had a winner of an idea and we believed we'd be able to pull it off. We couldn't wait to see what we produced together! But at the same time, I was a little shy of telling other people what I was up to. Truthfully, I was afraid to talk about it for fear that if I did, it wouldn't be "real." I was afraid of being embarrassed if our plans fell through, or if the book didn't work out for some other reason. So afraid of being embarrassed was I, in fact, that I didn't even tell my own mother that I was working on a book! "I'll mention it later," I rationalized, "once I know for sure that the book will become a reality." I extended this same reasoning to other family members and friends, figuring that there would be plenty of time to make such announcements when we had a formal contract from a publisher.

    It wasn't long before we'd finished the writing and went looking for a publisher. We were extremely fortunate when Mark Walters met up with Skip Coryell, of White Feather Press. Skip took one look at Lessons from Armed America and said, "I'll publish it." He thought we had a winner. Excellent!

    We even got a foreword from Massad Ayoob. And yes, asking him if he'd be willing to do that was also embarrassing.

    When Mark and I signed our contract with the publisher, we were both extremely excited. Mark immediately set out to tell the world, shouting it from the proverbial rooftops (I half suspect he shouted it from some literal rooftops as well; he's that kind of guy). But despite my excitement, I still found myself strangely embarrassed. "When the book is really in print," I thought, "then I will tell everyone about it." I rationalized that there was still lots of time, and that I didn't want to make any formal announcement until the book was actually available for purchase. So apart from a few close friends, nobody else in my life knew that I had a book in the works even after the contract was signed.

    Of course, I hadn't realized that when I diffidently avoided telling people that I was working on a book, from fear of embarrassment, I was actually setting myself up for even more embarrassment down the road! That's because almost without exception, when I mentioned to a friend that my collaborator and I had just signed a book contract, the universal response was, "Really!? That's wonderful! How much time do you have to do the writing?" – and then I would have to explain that the book was already written, and that we'd been shopping for a publisher, and of course that little story was always followed by a hurt look when friends realized I hadn't shared any of my writing adventures with them.

    But it got worse.

    Now the book really is in print, but even though I'm holding it in my hands, it still doesn't seem real. And the embarrassment I hoped to avoid, by keeping quiet? It's become acute! That's because every time someone mentions Lessons from Armed America in my presence, they almost always follow up by throwing an accusing look at me while saying, "Of course, Kathy didn't tell me she was writing a book! I had to find out by ..." – followed, of course, by some long and involved story about exactly how they'd discovered my embarrassing little secret.

    Awhile back, I kind of quietly changed my sig line in some of the forums where I participate, figuring that would function as an announcement. But I've been told that it doesn't count ... So as belated as it might be, here it is, my formal announcement: I've written a book with Mark Walters. I think it's a good book. It might even be a very good book. But if I can't overcome my embarrassed reluctance to tell people about it, nobody will ever buy it – and that would be a crying shame.

    If you want to save me from myself, please pick up a copy of Lessons from Armed America today. If the book sells well, it won't be nearly so embarrassing.

    Oh, and if you read the book and like it, please post a review on Amazon and on a gun board somewhere. Help spread the word...


    an embarrassed pax
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    How can I get an autographed copy. Congratulations.
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    Thumbs up

    Congrats pax.
    Our members like pictures. Nice Cover.

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    Christmas is coming might make good presents
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    Good luck with it Kathy. I'm sure looking forward to reading it.

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    Congratulations on the book!

    I can understand why you didn't talk much about it beforehand. My guess is you're not the type of person to bring a lot of attention to yourself. Also, on the other end of the spectrum, if you had talked and talked and talked about it beforehand, and it didn't go well, now THAT would have been embarrassing.

    I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but since you were involved with the writing, I'm sure it's a good read. Best wishes for this book's success... and maybe others.

    Psst: For your next book, give your friends daily updates during the entire writing process. Maybe then they won't mind your initial silence on this one.

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    Congratulations, Pax, and just quit worrying about the embarrassment. No big deal. It is actually quite understandable, and something I'd do too.

    Best of luck! Let's drive that baby to the top of the lists!

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    I know that little demon well, Congrats on the book. Hope it does well, and possibly more.
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    Congrats! As one who once regularly looked at blank sheets of paper (or computer screens these days) with a newspaper fully expecting 2 pages in a couple of hours, GREAT JOB, I know it ain't easy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevew View Post
    How can I get an autographed copy.
    Me too me too me too!!!
    And congratulations as well.

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    An Embarrassed Announcement
    I, too, am a closet book worm. Of course, my problem is readin' 'em, not writin' 'em.

    Sounds like a winner, Pax! I'll put it on Santa's list.

    An idea: Post the table of contents, index and perhaps an excerpt from a chapter or two, to highlight the writing style and quality of presentation. If it goes through, perhaps they can do the scanning that allows a prospective buyer to search through these parts of the book, before buying.
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    Thanks, everyone.

    Just got an account set up to handle sales of autographed books. Unfortunately I don't know what our local shipping rates will be from here (won't know until Monday morn when I can visit the post office).

    But in the meantime, if you would like to put your name on the list for an autographed copy, please drop me an email with your name & mailing address. As soon as I know what the total will be, I'll send info about how to pay for it.

    Email to my username @ with your name & mailing address.


    Kathy Jackson
    My website: Cornered Cat

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    Congratulations on the completion of your endeavor. I can understand the reluctance at sharing the news. I went through something similar once, only it was a reluctance in sharing a completed work with a known and respected authority on the subject matter.

    Years later I did finally share it with him, and was proud of his words to me afterwards. "It was pretty darn good." were his words, and I take that as high praise. It made my efforts worthwhile. I always felt like I was copying the master with this paper. He seemed to have no problem with it, as I did give credit to him and aknowledgement.

    I never felt that it measured up, but then we can afterall be our own worst critic. I would be honored to have a copy of your book, autographed of course.


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    I would love a signed copy. And if your near the Seattle area I'll save the shipping cost and pick it up my self. My wife was asking about this very subject not too long ago. Great timing.
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