Kahr .380 vs Ruger Lcp Vs Kel tec

Kahr .380 vs Ruger Lcp Vs Kel tec

This is a discussion on Kahr .380 vs Ruger Lcp Vs Kel tec within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have a primary weapon for everyday carry, which is plain clothed, but I'm looking for something as a pocket carry type configuration. There are ...

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Thread: Kahr .380 vs Ruger Lcp Vs Kel tec

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    Kahr .380 vs Ruger Lcp Vs Kel tec

    I have a primary weapon for everyday carry, which is plain clothed, but I'm looking for something as a pocket carry type configuration. There are certain aspects of my job that places me with really bad people in really confined locations and the detection of a firearm would be bad...i am looking into which one is the most dependable,concealable, and accuracy isn't that large of a factor since most engagements may be in a vehicle. All responses are appreciated.

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    I am impressed with a new gun called Diamondback DB 380. I sold my Kel-Tec for it and like it a lot better. Better balance, comfort, less snappy, more accurate. Need I say more?
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    I just bought a Taurus 738 TCP that I am ridiculously happy with. Same size as the LCP, but it has a chamber indicator as well as a slide lock that locks back on an empty magazine. Mine has been very reliable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NavDoc View Post
    I am impressed with a new gun called Diamondback DB 380. I sold my Kel-Tec for it and like it a lot better. Better balance, comfort, less snappy, more accurate. Need I say more?
    Have you had any malfunctions with it?
    All the reviews I've been reading say they have a lot of FTL and FTE issues.

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    If you can pocket carry it, go with a Kahr pm9. I just bought one, and am extremely pleased with it. It might be too big but it's worth a look, especially in 9mm +p.
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    Seecamp. One time where the adage that "you get what you pay for" really applies, IMHO.
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    I carry a Ruger LCP in my front pocket 99.9% of the time. It has never malfunctioned. it Is small and light and the price was right. I do carry other guns but the Ruger is always there.
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    All are excellent choices IMO. Any or all would be very good investments. I have a few .380s for the very reason you mention. I chose the Ruger over the KelTec for the fit and finish and the Ruger brand. Truth be known, both are practically the same pistol. In fact, you could call um brothers, but one's a little better looking, as far aesthetics. The Kahr is the better of three IMO, but for the dollars it had better be.

    I rotate between a few carry guns mostly .380s for the ease and comfort. The weathers getting warmer so the larger pistols go back in the safe. Here's what I'm carrying now and will most of the spring and summer.
    Kahr .380 vs Ruger Lcp Vs Kel tec-theboys-2.jpg

    I'd say if the wallet can handle it get the Kahr cause it'll handle the hotter .380 rounds and it'll lock back on the last round. It should live up to its reputation, but it's fairly new so who knows. The Ruger would be my second choice, but not by much. The KelTec I think will handle the hotter rounds too and the Ruger says to stat away for the higher pressured rounds, so that may be something to think about. I'm comfortable with the .380, so it's not such a factor as far as I'm concerned, but hey, if it'll run the hot stuff all the better. Well, that's my take on your choices, but I'd also add to the mix the DB380 and even the PPK for a solid .380 CC pistol list. All those are very good investments for a CC pocket option and worth adding to the inventory at some point anyway.

    Good luck with you selection.


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    I would stay away from the Kahr 380 for a while. I've never liked buying first year production models of any gun. I like them to have the bugs worked out. I have the LCP and it would be my choice over the Kel-Tec.
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    1.) Kahr 2.) Ruger 3.) Kel-Tec
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    I have owned 3 and shot all 4 -

    Kahr P380 - own - $560
    Kel-Tec P3AT - own - $275
    Ruger LCP - shot - $325
    Taurus TCP380 - used to own - $299

    In my opinion, the Kahr is the cream of the crop by a lot. Kel-Tec #2.

    Best fit and finish, most accurate, best feeling, most manageable recoil.

    Actually I would rate them just as I listed them. I was very unhappy with the Taurus. Kel-Tec is accurate, but the snappiest (and lightest) of the bunch. All about the same foorprint. All carried in the pocket no problem. Kel-Tec customer service is fabulous.

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    I have own or have owned most of the guns mentioned in this thread. This is how I would rank them.

    Kahr P380 - Excellent build quality and finish. My favorite trigger on a DAO .380. Mine has been flawless with FMJ and most JHP. The only one I've had an issue with is CorBon. It wouldn't feed reliably. I installed a Crimson Trace LG-433 and it is my favorite pocket carry. Slide locks back on an empty magazine, which is a BIG plus.

    Seecamp - I have the .32ACP version. It can be very finicky when choosing ammunition. The best build quality and finish. The .380ACP should be almost identical.

    Ruger LCP - I recently bought the hard chrome version and installed a Crimson Trace LG-431. The build quality is a little better than the Kel-Tec. The slide locks back for loading/cleaning, but not on the last round. I'm not a big fan of the trigger pull. It's very long and not as smooth as I had hoped. I carry it with a Kel-Tec clip. Installed a Wolff #12 spring and it's been great so far.

    Kel-Tec - I owned the P32 before trading it in for the LCP. The build quality and finish is decent. Almost identical to the LCP functionality wise.

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    I have 2 pocket pistols, NAA Guardian in 32naa caliber, basically a 380 cartridge necked down to a 32, its fast too, 1200 fps with a 60 grain hollow point. I really like it, thou its a bit heavy for a pocket. I have holster and just tuck it inside the waistband appendix carry. Ammo can be hard to find..thou I just found "the pot of gold" at the end of the rainbow, bought out a guys stock at Antique and Modern in Lexington..55 bucks for 7 boxes (20 rounds a box) which is real cheap..so it can be found.
    The other I just bought, a sig p238...now if I could find some ammo for it!!! But it is a sweet little gun. More a less a colt mustang clone.
    I did handle that diamondback mentioned earlier..man I was real tempted but got the sig instead..
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    The Sig is an excellent little gun....I like them and the Kahr due to the fact you can change out the sights on them. The Kel-tec and LCP are little itty bitty sights...milled into the slide.
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    My wife and I both own a LCP, so we have two in the family. Both have the CT lasers.

    I have owned three Kahr polymer pistols, and suffice to say, I will never own another.

    We looked at the KT P3at, but I like the fit and finish of the LCP better. Also like the manual slide lock - but do wish it locked open when empty. I have owned more Ruger firearms than any other brand, and I have found their service excellent.

    Paid $289 locally for my LCP, which I consider a great bargain.

    Of the ones the OP mentioned, I'd go with the LCP. I carry one every waking hour.
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