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Thread: New Purchase Decision

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    The answer is easy...XD!
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    Go with the CZ and leave some cash aside for a trigger job.
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    The CZ is an excellent handgun, but try finding parts and accessories as easily as you can for the Glock. Go with the Glock it is one of the best 9mm compacts available.
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    I own two Glocks a 19 and 26 and both are great handguns, but that being said I own 6 CZ's and all are outstanding pistols so you cannot go wrong either way. Comes down to what you like better.
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    Not a Glock fan here, don't care for the striker fire or DAO guns. I do own several CZ, including the P-01 and the P-06. Accurate, reliable, ergonomically designed, along with a good price for them. The P-01 is certified as a NATO firearm and has a NATO stock number assigned to it. Don't know myself, but can GLock say that? Below is a link to the torture test that took place to achieve NATO classification.

    CZ-USA -> CZ P-01 gets NATO approval. The next Generation of perfect pistols
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    Hands down the G19. I recently seen the the light with my G26, the little brother to the G19. There are so many options out there, it's well known. My next buy will be a G19. Good luck in your choice.
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    Glock 19........with that being this two part test:

    The thousand rounds even continued to function when the guide rod melted. I think that's enough gun for me!!!

    YouTube - 1000 Round Glock Torture Test Part One

    YouTube - 1000 Round Glock Torture Test Part Two

    This is what generated the 1000 round challenge:

    YouTube - The 1000 Rounds Challenge - Part 3
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    I would go for the CZ. I can't get over the ugliness of a Glock. I like fashion with my function.
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    I was in the same boat, but could get a G19 with night sights for less than a stock CZ-P01, so the choice was easy for me.

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    You won't go wrong with a G19, I own the G23 myself, and have some trigger time on the 19. Just get your hands on them see what you like.

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    I like them both, but I would get the Glock First, then get the CZ later
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    I have no experience with the CZ, but I did just purchase myself a Glock 22 (fullsize, .40) and I now have 900 rounds through it and it is a dream. It's just a joy to shoot, in every way. Easy to strip down and clean, accurate as all hell, seemed to me to be less recoil on the .40 than felt recoil with any revolver I tried, .38 special regulars, +ps, .357 magnums. Less recoil than with the 9mm Browning Hi Power or the 1911 clone .45 ACP I had a chance to shoot. So, all in all, I'm thrilled with it.

    The G19 is the compact version so would be easier to conceal than my full size Glock. I shot the subcompact glock 9mm the other day and thought it was quite snappy compared to my full size .40. That said, it was also quite accurate and not unpleasant to shoot.
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    they're on the opposite ends of the spectrum. one's all steel DA, and the other's polymer striker fired.

    you're good to go either way. they're both great guns. just get the one you like better.

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    Glock 19.............Enough said! Good Luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by archer51 View Post
    The P-01 is certified as a NATO firearm and has a NATO stock number assigned to it. Don't know myself, but can GLock say that? Below is a link to the torture test that took place to achieve NATO classification.

    CZ-USA -> CZ P-01 gets NATO approval. The next Generation of perfect pistols
    Yes! From what I've read a while ago, the G19/17, Sig 226/228, BHP, M9 and P-01 are NATO certified pistols. May be more now. I know there are others that have NATO stock numbers. I'm not sure how big of a deal it is but it's good for advertisement I guess.
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