Glock 19 Lovers

Glock 19 Lovers

This is a discussion on Glock 19 Lovers within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just thought I would make a thread celebrating the Glock 19, which I know many people here have. I have had this gun for a ...

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Thread: Glock 19 Lovers

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    Glock 19 Lovers

    Just thought I would make a thread celebrating the Glock 19, which I know many people here have. I have had this gun for a few weeks now, and with 350ish rounds downrange, I could not be any happier. This gun is so easy to clean, shoot, and has become an easy carry for me that I cannot imagine someone not liking this gun.

    Post here if you are also in love with this bricky beaut.

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    The 19 was my first Glock. It is a 2nd generation issued to me by the NYPD. I left the job in 01 and took out the NY2 trigger. I now have a stock trigger spring and replaced the ribbed trigger with the smooth trigger from a 17.

    Great CCW. I carried her on the way to work tonight with a spare 17 mag.
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    The Glock 19 is the one Glock I think every Glock owner should own.


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    Quote Originally Posted by TheOhioan View Post
    Just thought I would make a thread celebrating the Glock 19 ...
    I believe it was the first pistol I fired, followed by a Browning Hi-Power. Both were examples of the best of their kind. Today, that still holds true.

    My preference is for pistols with larger controls that are easy to manipulate by a left-hander. Glock, the average SIG and many others simply aren't easy to use. However, in spite of that, the first generation G19 is one of the most accurate and comfortable pistols I have ever held. Only a few things are wrong about it. So very much is right.

    Here's to the G19.
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    Indeed, the Glock 19 is an awesome pistol!
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    The G19 was not my first 9mm, but will probably be my last!
    *WARNING - I may or may not know what I am talking about.

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    G19 (first Glock), bone-stock. It has faithfully executed every type of funky round that I've ever run through it. It just seems to get better with age. I wouldn't change a thing.
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    I was going to get a Glock 19 when I went gun shopping but the gun store was out of them but recommended the 17 as it is very similar and is what I wound up getting.

    Just picked it up yesterday and put some rounds through it and love it so far.

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    I want the '19'...soon! It will be my next purchase.

    I love Glocks, my EDC is the '36'...I also have the '26'.
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    Dec 2009
    The Glock 19 is the best 9mm pistol out there. Its what all others want to be and judge themselves by.

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    I absolutely LOVE my two G-19's

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    Its an outstanding tool, one of the best!
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    The Glock 19 was my first carry pistol. I sold it because I thought it was to big and heavy to conceal well. This was before I knew much about CCing and before I understood how huge of a role that the holster/belt and clothing play. I kick myself almost every day for selling that gun. If I had known about good belts and the super tuck back then I would probably still be carrying the G19 today.
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    The Glock 19 is my EDC and I can't imagine not having it on me, except for when I'm carrying my Glock 17.

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    yes, everone should have a g19 around some where.
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