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Glock 30

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Thread: Glock 30

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    Glock 30

    Does anybody carry a Glock 30 on a regular basis? I would love to get a little feedback/opinion on this particular model from anybody with some experience with it.
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    Yes, I carry a G30. I love the gun, the feel in my hand is just right. It is a bit on the heavy side, due mainly to the number of heavier .45 auto rounds it carries. A good belt helps. I carry in a Pro Carry LT IWB at 3:30-4:00 position which is comfortable most of the time.

    The only thing I've changed on the gun is I replaced the slide lock lever with the extended version. I didn't care for the OEM version. I also painted the white portion of the sights Dayglo-orange. For me, white sights disappear into the background too easily, with any make or model. I don't care for night sights. I think they're overhyped as to their real usefullness and all the harder to see in daylight.

    I also have a G21 mag with the extended sleeve for a 13-rd backup mag.

    I don't care if some think a Glock is "ugly"; who cares if it's concealed? It works every time, and that's what counts.

    A good option as to lighter weight and slightly thinner size is the G36.
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    'Some good comments from OldVet there.

    I'll probably replace my slide lock with the extended version as well. I can release it with one hand, but it take a little concentration.

    For fit and function, it is incredible. Presently, it's my favorite for the range. It carries much like the G19 does.

    If I had to choose only one compact .45 to own and carry, this would be it.
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    My G30 is great. You can also get 9 round mags for it which cuts down on the overall height of the gun. Like OldVet said, you can also stick a G-21 13 round mag into into to increase the height, and have more rounds to boot, or just carry the 13 rounder as a back up.

    I think it is a pleasure to shoot.....but I also have a G21, so I usually shoot the G21 over the G30 at the range.

    I am going to have to be honest and say that I have not been carrying this gun much as of late, but now that the weather is getting warmer, it will probably find it's way back into my carry rotation when all I am wearing are shorts and a t-shirt. Mine hides real nicely in a JS Holsers IWB Kydex rig.

    A good article: Glock 30 .45 ACP Compact…

    This guy is a ridiculously good shooter. He loves Glocks and has tons of vids of him shooting them:

    YouTube - Glock 30 (Chapter 2)

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    Not my primary carry, but I do carry it in an MTAC from time to time. Very nice gun. Really like it.

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    That's been my everyday carry for almost two years. I am very pleased with it thus far.
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    I carry it as well as the 29 (same dimensions and weight just in 10mm) IWB about 30% of the time. It works great just a little heavy, when weight is an issue i switch to the 36.
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    I carry my G30 in an MTAC holster most days. Great gun, 100% reliable. I have around 5,000 rounds through mine with zero failures of any kind.
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