Is it worth two Glocks?

Is it worth two Glocks?

This is a discussion on Is it worth two Glocks? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Played with this baby yesterday at the GS. All I can say is SWEEEEET! Then I saw the price and OUCH! I can buy two ...

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Thread: Is it worth two Glocks?

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    Is it worth two Glocks?

    Played with this baby yesterday at the GS. All I can say is SWEEEEET! Then I saw the price and OUCH! I can buy two Glocks for this price. Thinking seriously about selling some of my safe queens and putting the Springfield EMP on my list.
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    If you have guns you never shoot, then I'm all for that, but I sure as heck wouldn't trade 2 Glocks for it. Or any factory 1911 platform for that matter.

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    My wife carries a 9mm EMP...she loves it. Shoots it better than the Glocks in the safe.
    I love shooting it as well. I am a 1911holic so anything in that form is attractive to me. I personally think the EMP outshines a Glock on everything except ammo count
    See if you can find one for rent/borrow and try it yourself.
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    I have a 9mm EMP and absolutely love it!! I got mine almost 2 years ago, on sale for $850. It is my primary carry gun, being that I live in Illinois I don't get a chance to carry it that often, but out of state - it goes where I go. My Glock 23 is next to the bed due to the larger caliber and higher capacity, but since I got the EMP it stays in the house.

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    Is it worth two Glocks? Are you serious?
    No way.
    I'd pick up any one of my Glocks, or a brand new one, take ten seconds with it and trust it with my life. That high dollar pistol would take me ten years to trust it like I do my Glocks, and a small fortune in ammo and range time. If you want it just to have and not to carry, then sell one of your four-wheelers or riding lawnmower to get it. Keep the Glocks. My 2¢

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    I'm a revolver man myself, so take this for what it's worth.

    I've always heard Glocks will fire pretty much no matter what.

    So two Glocks are definitely worth more then 1 Springfield in my view.
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    Well I learn a long time ago that you never sell hand guns you will regret it!!!
    I like 1911 also but there is a time and a place for them I have 2 and even I don't carry them all the time because of the weight well it will be up to you....
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    Keep the Glocks and save your pennies for the EMP. With the Glocks you have very good odds they will go bang every time. To paraphrase an old adage: Two Glocks in your hands that go bang are worth one EMP in the bush you're not sure about.

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    I have the EMP 40 and it is my favorite gun.

    Comparing it to such guns as Colt Python 357, Colt Gold Cup 1911, Browning Hi Power, Smith & Wesson 1006 and revolvers, Glock 23 and 26. It fits my hand perfectly and it shoots very easy. The only drawback is the weight. Certainly lighter than many I mentioned but several ounces heavier than the G26. The gun is definitely worth the price, the only question you have to ask yourself is are you worth it. Warning, if your hand resembles a baseball glove, you may not like it. It was designed for us guys with regular hands.

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    Nashville, TN
    I would love an EMP, but I would not give up one of my Glocks to get one. If I did get an EMP, I would not carry it instead of my G26.

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    No, it's not worth two Glocks.
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    Not a good trade...keep the Glocks!
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    I'm sure the EMP is a great firing gun, and would be a great CCW pistol, however I can't see paying that much money for it, when there are perfectly good alternitives to it such as Glock which you can buy two of. I've been looking at it, as a new CCW weapon but I just can't see spending that much $$$ on something that there are great alternitives to.

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    no, no, no ,no , no ,no ,no. how many times do i need to say it? no.
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    I guess it depends on what else you own , what you carry now and how much you really want the EMP.
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