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Glock 33 Y or N??

This is a discussion on Glock 33 Y or N?? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'd simply go with the Glock-26......

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Thread: Glock 33 Y or N??

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    I'd simply go with the Glock-26...
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    [y] if you can find and buy the ammo for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Glock View Post
    .357 sig ammo is too expensive ... it is very effective stopper ... recoil [is] rather unpleasant.
    If it were roughly comparable in cost and availability to 9mm Luger, the .357 SIG would have a hard time not being the primary pistol caliber in my safe and on my hip.

    Imagine: 600 ft-lbs, 10+1, in a lightweight and strong polymer frame, with customizable ergonomics, compact enough for comfortable concealed carry, in a package that can be handled by the majority of 9mm shooters, all at a price comparable to decent 9mm JHP and FMJ. If only the price and availability were right.
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    Equivalent of $15/box...

    Georgia Arms - .357 SIG
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    Quote Originally Posted by Danimal View Post
    Sorry, I was just trying to clarify that you can go from 27 or 33 to 9mm, but cannot convert a G26/9mm to .40 or .357 sig.
    That is true. So get the 33, and get variety.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZ Husker View Post
    Equivalent of $15/box...

    Georgia Arms - .357 SIG

    1. more after shipping charges.

    2. it's reloaded ammo.

    3. you get what you pay for:

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    Quote Originally Posted by coffeecup View Post
    Just my opinion, but I would stick with something other than a plastic brick to carry around.
    Id say that needs to stay "just your opinion", because if borders on the asinine line.

    Yes to the op.

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    If you don't like the 9mm, get the 27, and shoot .40 for practice and get an extra barrel to have the option to shoot .357 Sig as well.

    The only thing, and this isn't first-hand experience, is that I hear that occasionally people have problems with the .40 extractor on 9mm casings with a 9mm conversion barrel.

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    Here's where i've been buying a lot of ammo.
    They've got gold dot for $25 per box of 50 in 357sig.
    G T Distributors Product Detail

    And FMJ speer Lawman for $16 per box of 50.

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    G33 Y or N?
    Y....yes that is. Go for it. Everyone needs a Glock, and the compacts are the best IMO. No need to impose my opinions of the 357SIG caliber on anyone here, the important thing is it's Glock. So much confusion and issue with aftermarket parts and caliber changes it's ridiculous really. Truth be known, just get something you can totally depend on, and make your decision on a brand and caliber you'll stick with instead of dick with. I say it like I mean it, but it's just my opinion. H&K's motto? 'No Compromise'. Glock....well, utterly reliable and dependable (so for now, just get that perfection obsession on the back burner). Thing is, if you go parting out your Glock one piece, or a few for aftermarket parts for any reason, you will be compromising your foundation for getting a Glock in the first place. If you go for the H&K over the Glock, you'll be compromising a lot more. Take it any way you want to, but if you knew what I knew about Glock pistols, then you need one. Just remember the difference between needs and wants. My opinion, but I mean what I say. We're all family here, and family gets the best advice because it comes in at a personal level instead of a generic response we could just give anyone. While never going back on my word, and eliciting the principles of 'whatever works best for you is what you should carry', remember one may work best for you in many aspects, but does it meet the bottom line? Pistols....calibers......ammo......holsters...maga What's going to save your life when the time comes? YOU. You and only you because pistols don't shoot without you. What do you want for you when your life comes to an abrupt fork in the road at high speed? Something with a cool logo? A pretty pistol? A high dollar pistol? A pistol that everyone else you've talked to says is the best? A shiny, emblazoned piece of battle gear without armor? When the fork in the road appears, it will be a war, you'll be in combat. Get a combat handgun and be ready for the day. Glock is a combat handgun, made for combat from it's inception. How much less could you want?

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    I love my G33
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    You do not mention if the HK will be 9mm or .357; I assume that you refer to a .357.
    I would get the HK. However, the G33 is a little smaller if you want to CC it.

    HK p2000 sk
    Length 6.41 in
    Height 4.60 in
    Width 1.27 in
    Barrel length 3.26 in
    Sight radius 5.17

    Glock 33
    Length 6.29 in
    Height 4.17 in.
    Width 1.18 in.
    Barrel length 3.46 in
    Line of sight 5.67 in..

    It is true that you can convert the G33 to 9mm or .40, but I do not like doing it. By the way, I should not get a .357.
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    I'd suggest the G27... but if it's the 33 you want... Then by all means go for it!
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    My G33 is a hand cannon. Its an amazingly accurate shooter and I am quite certain that the concussion from the muzzle blast is enough to cause a BG to renegotiate his demands. I had to add a pierce extension to get a good grip.

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    There is a very clean spot on the glass in front of the HK p2000sk .357 at the local gun shop where Ive been window licking.

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