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This is a discussion on Gonna bite the bullet within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by IWLAFART I have been reading various gun forums and hearing that the 1911 .45APC is the ONLY way to go ... The ...

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Thread: Gonna bite the bullet

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    Quote Originally Posted by IWLAFART View Post
    I have been reading various gun forums and hearing that the 1911 .45APC is the ONLY way to go ...
    The Kool-Aid is very, very sweet. Caution.

    While you're there, if either of these is in stock and if you're considering a compact 1911 for carry, check out the STI Shadow 1911 and the Kimber Tactical Ultra 1911. Both are available in .45 ACP and 9mm, by the way. The Tactical Ultra is about $1050 (street); the Shadow, about $1250.

    I'm a bit late to the party, if everyone is supposed to have at least one 1911. I still don't have a single one. Am open to orphans, if any is looking for a good home. Either one of these would do nicely.

    What ever I get may become my EDC and retire my G19.
    G19? Famous last words.
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    Sell the Glock, put what you get out of it with your grand, and get the EMP or Kimber EDP II or the Ultra Carry, plus ammo, lots of ammo. Then you wont be bothered by that Glock again.

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    I don't think everyone should own a 1911, I don't and don't want one. I've been quite happy with my GP100 for years and will be for years to come. That $1,000 would by some good bike assessories though.
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    A cup of coffee says that G19 finds its way back under your belt (or wherever). Any loaded .45 auto can get heavy after a while. I thought my G30 was the answer to my prayers, but it's an anchor after a few hours. Love the gun, but 10 rds of .45 ammo is heavy.
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    I dont think you will change your mind on the Glock but it will be a good experience to try the 1911 to see what all the hype is about.

    I have owned two and have since sold them with no regrets. They are still a good pistol you have to learn to like cocked and locked carry though. If you dont like that then stick with the Glock and dont bother with the 1911.

    I have a Browning Hi Power now and like it spades more than the 1911. Slightly different but basically the same, I like the 9mm better for defense and the capacity is good though not imperitive. The BHP can also be carried C&Led and does not have the rediculous grip safety.

    Just understand that because everyone else gets on their knees and adores the 1911 does not mean you should too. I tried to like it and even convinced myself I did at one point but I really did not. If you wake up from your reverie and still like the 1911 then it is for you. If not, chuck it and dont look back.

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    Die hard GLOCK 19 fan here, I too feel like you'll be back to carrying that GLOCK 19 soon. However, I cannot deny the appeal of a 1911 pistol. They are both great guns but something you're gonna want to ask yourself: Which would you rather lose to the evidence black hole if you ever had to use it? A GLOCK is a GLOCK, nothing fancy just perfection. A 1911 can get pretty exotic and personalized.

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    Back from the gun store :-(

    PHEW! I shot a Kimber cpd II, Springfield EMP, Browning Hi Power.
    I liked the Kimber and was ready to buy it and the shop owner talked me out of it. Failure to feed problems and a lot more maintenance than the G19.
    Wife is happy that I did not spend any money for another gun. Just more ammo.
    U.S. Navy vet 1955-1959, USS Dashiell DD 659. Glock 19, Ruger LCP, Ruger .357 Mag.
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