CW9 price

CW9 price

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Thread: CW9 price

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    CW9 price

    I saw a used Kahr CW9 at a local Cabelas for $359--is this too good to be true, or a typical used price?

    It had one mag, and I don't know how old it was or how many rounds have been through it.

    This is my first post.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Take a look on for comparable prices.

    Some of the early CW9s has some quality issues, and I think most of the gripes you hear about Kahrs are about early production models. I have a 3-year old CW9 bought new for $440 (not a bargain, but not a ripoff, either) and it is a paragon of reliability. I also have a K40 which is not shot as much, but it's never had a problem, either.

    Kahr magazines are pretty pricey, about $40 from Kahr, usually a little cheaper on the auction sites. Do NOT use ProMags! Absolute junk. Stick with OEM mags. You really should have at least 3, preferably more if this is your only handgun... just factor that into the budget.
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    Are the CW9 pocket carry?
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    Quote Originally Posted by monte View Post
    I saw a used Kahr CW9 at a local Cabelas for $359--is this too good to be true, or a typical used price?
    That sounds reasonable. I paid $328 for mine a year ago or more.

    I don't know how old it was or how many rounds have been through it.
    The wear on the mag follower and barrel hood (shiny spots) will at least let you know little or a lot of rounds.

    This is my first post.
    Welcome to the forum.

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    Not a bad price. Best I see on GB is around $399 but if you look hard enough you can get one a little cheaper. I'd go with the "bird in the hand" theory on this one. I bought my CW9 used and it's been flawless.
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    CW9 Price

    Welcome to the forum! I paid $390+tax and shipping charges for mine. So that seems fair for a used pistol. The CW9 ships with one magazine, so part of the price as I see it is to buy one or more spares. I like my CW9 and I am sure you will too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knightrider View Post
    Are the CW9 pocket carry?
    It depends on how big your pockets are. I'd say it's about as big as anyone would want a pocket carry. The PM9 would be a better pocket carry solution, but is more expensive.

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    Around here they are $399 NEW and $350 Used.

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    Paid $400 and change here. I'd say it's a fair price for a excellent pistol. I've had one for a year or so and outa close to a thousand rounds, never had any issues with it. Great slim 9mm for CC IMO. I changed mine to a covert model and love it for CC when I carry it.
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    I paid $409 brand new for my CW9.

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