Glock confusion

Glock confusion

This is a discussion on Glock confusion within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have a G27 with all the holsters a person usually gets for their gun. I would also like to get a Glock .45 without ...

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Thread: Glock confusion

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    Glock confusion

    I have a G27 with all the holsters a person usually gets for their gun. I would also like to get a Glock .45 without having to buy a whole new round of holsters. The G27 is 1.18 in wide. I see that the G36 is 1.13 in. wide and the G30sf is 1.27 in. wide. Both the .45s are about 1/2 in. longer and taller than the .40 but it should not be a factor. It seems to me that the 36 would probably fit my current holsters better than the 30..correct? I would rather have the extra 4 round capacity of course, but I would be happy with a standard ( 1911 ) load of 7 rounds ( with one in the chamber ), especially in double action, no safety. Am I just expecting the impossible here? BTW, looking at the specs, other than .14 in. narrower..why would someone choose the 6 shot 36 over the 10 shot 30??

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    Well, I don't know what will fit as far as holsters, but I can highly recommend the 36. I love mine and it will be my primary carry gun once my permit process is done. For me it is easier to conceal than the 30 and is also lighter. Going off the measurements it does not seem like much difference, but handle the 30 and 36 back to back and you can feel a big difference. At least I could. The 36 being a single stack just fit my smaller hands a lot better. I would imagine that the 36 would fit your currnet holsters, especially if they have tension screws.

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    The Glock-36 is my EDC. It was a transition from several 1911's that I still have...long story.
    I prefer to have the individual holsters for each gun because it just gives a better fit for a number of reasons...I want my weapon 'secure'.

    My '36' provides 6 + 1...that's plenty for me, I do have extra mags so I not that concerned. Few personal 'situations' that I have read about required more that just a few shots...reloading a new mag, if necessary, is not a complicated nor lengthy task.IMHO
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    I tend to agree with you Retsupt99. I'm an old 1911 fan myself, and I still remember when 8 shots was FAR superior to 6! I also sound like my father now. LOL But with the concealability of the 36, I in NO way feel undergunned with 6+1.

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    Am I just expecting the impossible here? BTW, looking at the specs, other than .14 in. narrower..why would someone choose the 6 shot 36 over the 10 shot 30??
    Two things are involved.
    1. .14" looks small on paper, but it is a large jump on your belt.
    2. The grip is obviously much thinner, being a single-stack.

    Combined, these make for a VERY concealable package. Personally, I can't quite give up my Colt on a regular basis. However, when I need to have a gun completely concealed with little or no printing, I use the G36 IWB.

    Some, like retsupt99, love the gun and use as EDC. I like a little more wieght in my hand when shooting .45acp, so I stick with a 1911 for EDC. I does have it's uses though. In the world of what-if, I would not feel under gunned if I could only have this one Glock.

    As for holsters, I would spend a couple of bucks and get one that fit properly. Yes, a G36 will fit in your G27 holsters, but it will not be any where near as tight. A tension screw many help with that, but if you use kydex or boned leather, it will be sloppy. (I tried in my G19 holsters - length not withstanding.)

    Good luck!
    *WARNING - I may or may not know what I am talking about.

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    I purchased a High Noon Bare Asset for my Glock 36 for $26.95 and was pleased to discover that it also fit my Glock 19, 23, 27, 29 and it even fit my Kimber Ultra Carry
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    I carry my G36 in the holster I originally bought for my G19...a MTAC Minotaur. The leather back of this holster has sufficient flex to accomodate the slightly thinner G36. I agree that fit would be sloppy if the holster was 100% Kydex or boned leather.

    Why the 6 rounds in the G36 vs 10 in the G30? RoadRunner71 nailed it...thinner & thinner grip of the single stack equal super concealability. Too much is made of high magazine capacity IMO, & don't feel undergunned with 6+1 rounds in the gun & another 7 in my spare mag.
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    The Glock 36 is my primary carry due to concealability, you also nee to take consideration of the weight. the 30 with a loaded mag is much heaver and can drag your paints down.
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    G30 versus G36?
    I think the .014 difference in dimensions is minimal, and makes little difference with a decent holster.
    The weight of the extra rounds can be though. The one complaint I have with carrying the G30 is the weight. The heavy .45 ACP rounds add up.

    Like others mentioned, the G36 carries enough rounds for most cases. How many rounds are enough for any and all situations? 6? 8? 10? 12? 15? 18?

    What's next? A hundred-round mag for handgun? I'm sure someone would carry it and call others a fool for not carrying "enough" ammo.
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    I'm still looking for a 10+ round .45 that weighs 9oz in my rear pocket holster, but grows to 24oz when I draw it...

    OldVet isn't kidding about the weight of toting 10+ of .45. My EDC ranges from an LCP to a G30. I dress and carry for the occasion.

    Like RoadRunner said, specs on paper can be deceiving. It's worthwhile to hold a G36 next to a G30 in your hand. You'll see there's a big difference. I have big hands, so the G30 just felt better to me. If it were my only carry piece, I'd choose the G36 between the two. As it is, the G19 still finds it's way into my holster on most days.

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    I've got both a G30 and G36...and will state that the G36 is much more comfortable when carried IWB.

    As for holsters--in my experience, any holster that works for a G19 will work for a G36...the 27 is consdierably shorter though. So, unless you have an open-ended holster for your 27, it won't work for the 36.

    A 27 would work in a 36 holster, though.
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    The 36 would be a better choice, if you wish to keep your leather, and not have to buy new stuff. I'm able, with a little bit of stretching, place a model 19 in the holster of the 27 gun. the muzzle may protrude a bit out of the holster, but if you're IWB or CCW there should be no problem. BTW, I never get rid of my leather, as there's way to many guns out there that catch my eye!
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    I have a G36 and don't find it as easy to conceal as most folks. I seldom carry it. I carry the G22 or one of my 1911s most of the time, then my S&W mod 60. If you have already got a holster that works well for you with the G27 maybe that same holster will work with whatever Glock 45 ACP you choose. If it doesn't then you could always just get the same make and style of holster for the 45.
    If your holster has a tension screw you might be able to set it at a happy medium between your G27 and whatever Glock 45 ACP you decide to go with.
    I would probably go with the G30sf for the increased capacity. I am in noway knocking the G36. If I am going to be happy with low capacity it will be in a 1911. As far as the weight difference between the fully loaded G30sf and the G36 you would always have the option of just loading the G30sf with 7 rounds, negating the weight differences. You will never be able to cram 10 rounds into the G36.
    If you are having a problem concealing the double stack grip a G36 may be the answer you are looking for. With me The slide is always the problem concealing the Glock, not the grip. But I insist on carrying at about 3:00.
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