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Looking for 1st CCW that is accurate, reliable, and fun-to-shoot in $250-300 range.

This is a discussion on Looking for 1st CCW that is accurate, reliable, and fun-to-shoot in $250-300 range. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by HappyDog I am looking for a (probably used) handgun for concealed carry that is accurate to 25 yds, reliable, and fun-to-shoot in ...

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Thread: Looking for 1st CCW that is accurate, reliable, and fun-to-shoot in $250-300 range.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HappyDog View Post
    I am looking for a (probably used) handgun for concealed carry that is accurate to 25 yds, reliable, and fun-to-shoot in the $250-300 range. I want something larger that .380 and imagine that would limit me to 9 x 18 Makarov, 9 mm Luger, and 38 special. I would appreciate suggestions for any other possibilities that might be in my price range that would meet my criteria. Thanks!

    I'm leaning toward a Bulg, EG, or Russian Makarov, depending on what I can find.

    I've considered .357's, the J-frames, and other .38s, but how would a 2-3" revolver be for accuracy to 25 yds?

    I've also considered the smaller 9mm Kel-Tec's, but wonder about how accurate a Kel-Tec would be and about how punishing a 9mm Luger would be in a small framed gun for me for regular practice, or my wife for occasional practice.

    I almost always dress business casual, and would likely carry in a backpack or IWB -- or coat pocket when hiking.

    How accurate a snubbie is depends on the shooter, and how much you practice. I started many moons ago with a revolver and find that I'm just more accurate with them. Some shooters have problems with the short sight radius on a snubbie, but for me it's not a problem. if you have the option to rent one and try it, do so. I'd start with a 3 inch model in .357, giving you more ammo options than a .38, you might have to raise your budget amount somewhat, but consider what you life is worth.
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    I had a Smith 908 that would probably meet everything listed except maybe the pocket carry thing (if you buy it used). I personally don't concern myself with pistol accuracy out to 25 yards...if you've got 25 yards you usally have a chance to flee and I tend to think that much more inaccuracy will come from an operator under fire than from any pistol. just my $.02...good luck.

    Edit to add: As I'm thinking about it, I may have paid $350 for it, used. and that was good a while ago.
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    If I were you I would ignore the people stating that you have to spend 500.00 to get a quality firearm.
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    If you're looking for a "starter" and don't mind a "used" finish, I'd suggest looking at a surplus CZ-82. I paid $169 (Very good to excellent condition)+ shipping + FFL fees for mine. Came to @$@270 total with an extra mag. The finish was pretty good, small chips and holster wear.

    It's 9mm Makarov, power-wise fits between .380 and 9mm Lugar (Para, NATO, etc., all the same thing). I took it to the range and it shoots very well. I'm better with it than my Glock 30. It's single and double action, has ambi-controls, and 12+ rounds should be ample for most SD situations. Very good trigger and one of the few firearms I feel safe carrying with one in the chamber, locked and cocked.

    Target ammo is relatively inexpensive (in today's terms) and SD ammo is made by Hornady and several others. I've found it to be available in most gun stores and online.

    The grips are military plastic and cheap but it fits my hand great. I'm ordering a set of wood grips from Marschels when I get done refinishing the frame.

    Check it out!
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    I have lots of carry guns, but the one I carry is a $350 Charter Arms Bulldog in 44 Special. We hear a lot of trash about Charter Arms, but I've had two and they have held up as well as any other revolver at three times the money. I have fired and fired and fired the 44, and it's still as tight as when new. Choose a 2 1/2 or a 4 inch, stainless or blue.
    They come from the factory zeroed for 240 grn. ammo, but unless you reload, 240s are not you're best answer because all you can buy is cowboy loads. I shoot Speer 200 grns. So, to get the gun to print dead on, I filed the front sight down. That's a trick in itself. File just a little, then shoot. File some more, shoot.
    The ONLY downside of a Charter 44 is reloading. The spent cases do not fully eject; you must pick them out, which slows reloading time. That said, 5 shots of 44 Special should be enough for any encounter.

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    I agree with OldVet, The CZ 82 chambered in 9x18 makarov is a great pistol for under $200.00. You will get an all steel gun roughly the same size as a Walther PPK. You have 12 rounds of 9x18 which has a little more velocity than .380. You can purchase a box of 50 paper punching rounds for around $10.00 at places like the Sportsmans Guide or Cheaper than Dirt. Hornady and Cor-Bon currently make really good HP ammo and Buffalo Bore has plans on releasing some heavier grained stuff this Spring/Summer. CZ still makes the pistol and ships it to the U.S. under the name CZ 83 it is chambered in 3 calibers but the states gets the 380acp version. So finding a holster is real easy. Good luck in your search.
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    Though no an option for pocket carry. My most fun to shoot, accurate and smoothest gun I own is a 4" S&W model 13-1 I bought for $250 +tax. It is easy to carry and can be loaded up or down to suit your needs. I own a Glock 26 & Smith 3913TSW as well as a M38 snub among others. If I had to make one shot with a centerfire handgun it wouldnt be one of my $500+ guns but my $250.00 revolver.

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    Get a used Smith .38. If you look, and look hard, you can find one at that price point that is mechanically sound (even if it has holster wear or looks like it was dragged behind a truck for a little while).

    Then shoot it, shoot it, and and shoot it some more.
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    I'd start combing the 'net for a Sig P6.

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    save an extra 200 and get a glock or an XD

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    armscor 206. philippine made 6 shot snub nose revolver. last time i checked, $199.98 + tax.
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    Ditto on having no need for accuracy out to 25 yards. That isn't gong to happen. A used revolver will be the best combination of price and reliability.
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    Look here...If you cant find something, you dont need one that bad.

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    As jwhite75 mentioned:

    Firearms, Guns, Rifles. Grain Valley, Missouri.

    S&W 4043, used police duty gun, generally considered very reliable.
    • DAO
    • No manual safety
    • Probably has a mag safety
    • .40 S&W
    • 11-round mags
    • $269
    • Extra mags $13
    • Shipping $18
    • No tax I think
    • Total with one extra mag: $300 + your local FFL cost

    It is not a small gun but it can be concealed IWB or OWB with the right holster and a minimal cover shirt. I occasionally carry a similar sized 9mm (S&W 5906) either OWB or in a SmartCarry.

    These guns will likely have holster wear, some significant, but to me that is immaterial. I've purchased used police duty guns in the past and I've been satisfied with what I received.

    If you don't like .40, that big a gun, or the lack of a manual safety, you might get lucky and find a used S&W 6906. They are smaller, have a manual safety, 9mm, hold 12+1, and can be carried in a large pocket if your pants are baggy enough. Great guns, but they are getting hard to find, especially for $300 or less.

    The 4043, 5906, and the 6906 (plus lots of others from S&W) are all metal, which helps absorb the recoil.

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    Look here...If you cant find something, you dont need one that bad.
    LOL! jwhite75 hit it right on the nose! great minds think alike! i was about to reply the same thing..........
    got to texas as fast as i could...Fuhgeddaboudit!

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