Looking for 1st CCW that is accurate, reliable, and fun-to-shoot in $250-300 range.

Looking for 1st CCW that is accurate, reliable, and fun-to-shoot in $250-300 range.

This is a discussion on Looking for 1st CCW that is accurate, reliable, and fun-to-shoot in $250-300 range. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am looking for a (probably used) handgun for concealed carry that is accurate to 25 yds, reliable, and fun-to-shoot in the $250-300 range. I ...

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Thread: Looking for 1st CCW that is accurate, reliable, and fun-to-shoot in $250-300 range.

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    Question Looking for 1st CCW that is accurate, reliable, and fun-to-shoot in $250-300 range.

    I am looking for a (probably used) handgun for concealed carry that is accurate to 25 yds, reliable, and fun-to-shoot in the $250-300 range. I want something larger that .380 and imagine that would limit me to 9 x 18 Makarov, 9 mm Luger, and 38 special. I would appreciate suggestions for any other possibilities that might be in my price range that would meet my criteria. Thanks!

    I'm leaning toward a Bulg, EG, or Russian Makarov, depending on what I can find.

    I've considered .357's, the J-frames, and other .38s, but how would a 2-3" revolver be for accuracy to 25 yds?

    I've also considered the smaller 9mm Kel-Tec's, but wonder about how accurate a Kel-Tec would be and about how punishing a 9mm Luger would be in a small framed gun for me for regular practice, or my wife for occasional practice.

    I almost always dress business casual, and would likely carry in a backpack or IWB -- or coat pocket when hiking.


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    Keltec PF-9, it is snappy, but accurate with practice. good luck finding one though.
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    This might be one of the few times I would say revolver.

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    A new Taurus 709 for just a little more. I doubt if you will find one used.
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    Well, without knowing how familiar you are to handguns and keeping in mind your price range, I think you would have better luck finding a revolver in .38 special caliber to meet your needs. Especially for hiking with a back pack, a revolver with a 3" or even 4" barrel would be easy to carry and should be accurate @ 25 yards. The .38 special also gives you a wider range of ammo choices, usually at a fair price, and would not be too punishing for you or your wife.

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    A revolver from Taurus or Charter Arms might suit the need. S&W has a strong reputation for quality, but you'll pay more for it. A couple models by Kahr would suit, for semi-auto.

    Kahr CW9, perhaps. It's relatively lightweight, thin, easy to conceal, large enough to be easy to manage in terms of recoil and frequent shooting on the range. It's 9mm, so the ammo is available and relatively inexpensive. It is also well supported by gunsmiths and holster makers.

    Knowing nothing about your size limitations and carry method, it's hard to make specific recommendations beyond that. A "first carry" gun leaves open a lot of questions. In the sub-$300 range you mention, there aren't many reliable and good choices I can think of, even used.
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    Hold out a little longer until you can afford the $500 range and get a reliable carry piece. Your life might just depend on it.
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    The "lowly sigma" has endured quite an internet beating. Evidently they were awful during the first few years of production. S&W seems to have solved whatever problems existed though. Lately, I have noticed a trend of people sticking up for it. I bought an SW9VE a couple years ago and and it has yet to malfunction. I have tried numerous brands of ammo - JHP and FMJ with no problem. The trigger pull is somewhat long and heavy, but for CCW that could be perceived as a benefit by some I suppose. I still carry mine sometimes, with complete confidence that it will go bang if I need it to. Good luck in your quest.

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    You might look into Bersa's they are good weapons in that lower price range. But as said, if you can hold off a little and try the $500 range.
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    Red face

    Walther PK380

    Modern Midsize gun (not a pocket peewee pistol)
    But smaller and thinner than most 9mm's
    Easy to use & easy to rack slide (wife will love that)
    Good safety features
    Very light recoil (better for accuracy, doesn't matter what caliber it is if you dont hit your intended target!)
    Thin and easy to CCW
    Very affordable (I paid $300 brand new at my local gun shop)
    Good looking firearm!
    Fits your hand like a glove!!!

    Just my 0.02 cents worth.
    Check out this video review: YouTube - Review of the Walther PK380
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    I would go with the Kahr CW9. Very accurate, small enough package to carry IWB, and you can find them for around $400
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIGP250 View Post
    A new Taurus 709 for just a little more. I doubt if you will find one used.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HappyDog View Post

    Increase your budget or lower your expectations.

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