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Doing my homework - please help

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Thread: Doing my homework - please help

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    Ah! an epiphany! Get one of each!
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    I have an XDm. I like it a lot.

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    I like the SW M&P. The changeable grip is great and fits most any hand. I don't like Glock because of the grip angle for me. If you want a "convertible" gun, get the M&P 9c w/ the mag extension and the small mag, you then have both the full size and mouse gun in one pistol.
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    I love my Glock 23, but they all have pros and cons, and you need to make sure you get the one that fits you best and you feel most comfortable with. If you haven't already I am sure there are plenty of ranges that you can rent those models to shoot.

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    Check out the Gen4 Glocks, I can really feel the difference in the smallest grip (no insert) vs. my Gen 2 G23. The only problem right now is the lack of aftermarket barrels if that is a concern for you.

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    I would go with an mp by smith. I have one and its great. Accurate, fits my hand well and has the least amount of muzzle flip of all the 40 cals I have shot. I have shot the 9mm and recoil while there is a non issue.
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    Glock, Glock, or Glock...
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    Check out the M&P's

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    I have a XD40 sub compact and I really like it. Good grip angle and it comes with a short mag 9 and an extended mag with grip boot 12 round. I never wanted a grip safety, but this one isn't noticable at all. Very thin and unobtrusive. The firing pin has a block (visable when you disassemble the gun) so there is no way the weapon will fire unless the weapon is gripped properly. It just can't happen. That's all the safety you really need...a blocked firing pin unless the gun is gripped for firing.

    It shoots great, very accurate, managable, and easy to carry. Not bulky really, I carry mine IWB a lot with no problem. It seems to me to be the perfect all purpose weapon.
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    Try a Glock 19 or the Sig P239
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    A little over a year ago, I was making the same decision. For me it was between the XDM, Glock, and M&P. For whatever reason ( and I really don't remember what the deciding factor was) I went with the XDM. I own the 9mm and the .40 cal. I shoot a lot at the indoor range and a couple of time a month outdoors at IDPA, and USPSA matches. Have never had a single problem with the XDM. I like them a lot!

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    All the choices you listed are all fine guns. As mentioned already, try before you buy.
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    I own Glocks as well as a PX4 storm SC. The PX4 is in 9mm, my Glocks are in .45 and 10mm so i don't officially own those in .40 cal. I have never shot an XD so I can not comment on that one.
    If you don't mind the the thumb safety being a upward motion of the thumb the PX4 is an outstanding handgun and is as reliable as the Glock. The only downside if you choose the subcompact is the lack of holsters available. I have an IWB crossbreed for the PX4.
    The Glocks are consistent I know when i pick it up and pull the trigger it will go bang. As far as the safety goes i understand; however I started with revolvers that obviously have no safety. I was taught the safety was between my eyes and I learned to not put my finger on the trigger until I was on target. I believe this should be done with all firearms. If you can pick up a gun and not instinctively put your finger on the trigger you will be fine with the Glock.
    As many have told you its going to come down to what feels right in your hand.
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    The sig's look a bit pricey compared to all the rest. Unfortunately I only know of one range around here that rents...not sure what he has for inventory. Hopefully there's a few that I can give a go before I buy. I'll have to see how I feel about the grip when I can pick up an xd. Arrg..wish I could even pick em up at the gun store w/out a permit. Dumb nys....

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    I am selling my Glock 22 so enough said. I carry a Kimber Ultra Raptor II and sometimes carry a HK45.

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