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Doing my homework - please help

This is a discussion on Doing my homework - please help within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have a G23 and a G27. Keep it in a holster and it aint goin off. Love the Glocks....

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Thread: Doing my homework - please help

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    I have a G23 and a G27. Keep it in a holster and it aint goin off. Love the Glocks.
    Glock 22, 27 Gen 4
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    I chose the XD over the other options because it fit my hand better and for the grip safety. Also, the Glock is unsupported at the 6 o'clock position of the chamber which can be a problem if you get a bad piece of brass, and that does happen from time to time. The 40 is more prone to this than most other rounds due to the pressures in the cartridge. I know that the Glock guys will go crazy when they read this but facts are facts. Having said that, most Glock guys do still have all of their fingers and are doing fine. It is worth considering, especially with the 40 cal. round.

    The bottom line is that you need to be happy and comfortable with your pick. As many others have said, find a range that rents the guns and go shoot them. That is the only way to come to your conclusion.

    Good Luck

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    Goto your local gun range that rents weapons. Get your hands on them see which one feels best, then put some rounds down range with it to see how it feels. Talk to others at the gun range, see what they have and if you can possibly put a few rounds down range with it (just offer to replace the ammo). There are to many guns out there that would fit the bill as a good weapon to carry and use. Write down on paper the features that you require in a pistol that will accomplish the task you are requring for it. Do your research and pick our 4 or 5 you wanna handle and then go get your hands on them. Everyone is going to have their opinion on what is the best pistol, best caliber, best load and such. I know what works best for me, and the best way to carry it, and what ammo works best in each pistol I have and carry. I suggest 3 things. 1. develop a task and purpose for that gun. IE home defense or concealed carry or just popping off rounds at the range. (for me, My CC weapon does not fit teh bill as my home defense, so I have two different ones. ) 2. Once you have defined what the gun will be used for, then look at what feels good to you and what and how it feels carrying. (example. a heavy SIG at 35 + oz may not be something you're gunna want to carry everyday due to the weight, and maybe a glock which weighs much less would be a better option. Although that SIG might feel great in your hand and feels great to shoot, it still wouldn't be a good idea for EDC if you don't like carrying it due to weight). 3. Get something you're willing to practice with and be intimatly aware of its capabilities and limitations. (If you buy a .45ACP and you don't liking shooting it because of the recoil, or because the ammo is to expensive for you to regularly put rounds down range with, then maybe you need to think of a 9mm or .40cal.) Bottom line is, if you are buying a pistol for defensive purposes it needs to become an extention of you. Your life or the life of your family could be desided by that pistol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sigmanluke View Post

    Have you considered the SigSauer line of pistols? They make metal and polymer framed guns, and none have grip or trigger safeties. (I hate both as well). They have 4 internal safeties, including a drop safety and firing pin block. Some also have a de-cocker, and there are several types of triggers/actions to choose from including DAO (double action only), DA/SA (double action/single action), DAK (double action Kellerman), and SRT (short reset trigger).

    Sig is also well known for it's quality and reliability. The ergonomics are (IMO) second to none.

    Check them out at SIG SAUER

    I second on the SIG....has the drop safety (and then some), but I wouldn't focus solely on that aspect.

    Go for what feels comfortable for you in terms of grip, and reaching the controls (i.e. de-cocker, slide stop/release, mag release). As other posters have said, find a range where you can handle different kinds of guns (you may want to travel out of state--other states don't have silly NY laws to follow)
    Magazine <> clip - know the difference

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    Weight is an interesting thing with a carry weapon. I actually prefer a heavier gun for carry, and there are others like me. The "extra" weight helps manage recoil and speed up follow-up shots.

    I don't understand why people complain about an extra few ounces. The weight makes much more difference in positive ways than negative IMO.
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    I'm another XD guy. I carry and XD9 4" everyday. I like Glocks too and will probably be adding a Glock19 pretty soon to the safe, but for now and when I started the Xd points much more naturally. The grip safety for me is pretty much unnoticable when I grab it. I've never had a problem with either XD I've owned.

    As for your pinky, remember that your pinky is not part of a correct grip on a handgun. It'll pull your shots down time and time again. Plus they make these things called pierce grip extensions that allow a place for your pinky to rest. they attach to the bottom of the mags. You can see them here.

    Again don't be worried about a manual safety. Just about every modern gun has some sort of drop safety that will keep them from firing unless the trigger is being pulled. People, and cops, carried and still carry revolvers for years but nobody is screaming for safeties on revolvers. Your only safety is between your ears. That's the only one that matters.
    Protection is a responsibility not just a right.

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    get a glock... there are many "finer" pistols out there, but no matter what when you pick up a glock firearm and squeeze the trigger it will go bang. and when you don't it won't. I have trusted my life with one and defended my life with one for 8 years now, and have yet to have been let down. Thanks to a good firearm, a little training, and a while bunch of luck. ( and prolly a little helf from the man up stairs.)

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    I have a G23 that I am very happy with. I also have a G26, with the extended mag. I get my pinky into the action. I too don't like my pinky off the grip. The 23 is not that much larger or heavier than the 26 (or 27). It would depend on mode of concealment, to me, and how much a couple ounces and couple millimeters mean to your concealment.

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    I vote for the M&P in a .40

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    Going back to the orig. poster of this thread. I can SAY and ATtest that every/all Glock safety built into each pistol do work as they should. I'll leave the topic at that..

    On that, Glock's are very safe and reliable. Most of all get what is comfortable, and fits you..

    Glock27/ KaBar TDI/ MTAC Holster. I have more also, but this combination works well..

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    I will add that after a seven year journey, I have ended up with a Kahr CW9. In order of purchase they include a Ruger P97, Ruger P95, a Springfield XD-9 Service model, an XD9sc, a Kel-tec P32, a Browning Hi-Power and last the CW9.

    Although I like the XD pistols I think a Glock 19 or 23 are better CCW pistols. I have shot both the G19 and G23. They are more compact, thinner and lighter than the XD counterparts.

    I choose the CW9 because it is thin, light, compact and reliable. The double action trigger is smooth and assures safety. Check them out! The pistol I picked may not suit you, we are all as different as the pistols we carry. Keep looking you will find yours.

    -- Richard
    "A gentleman will seldom, if ever, need a pistol. However, if he does, he needs it very badly!" -- Sir Winston Churchill

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    I have just sold my last Glock. I have gotten into the M&P line and like it better (only have the 9-fs & c and 45-fs & c) I like the ability to change out the backstraps (my wife uses a different size) and seem to shoot them a little better.

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    I had a XD9...nice gun...trigger didnt do it for me for some reason and I sold it.....but it was ok. I have 3 Glocks...they all firs the same way and never have had a malfunction. If the grip fits you, then it is a great choice. My 19 is about 7 years old....the wife loves it, mild on recoil and I never wonder if it will work our not. I also have a 30 that is fast becoming my favorite....handles 45 superbly.
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    (1) When I was first shopping for handguns I did a lot of studying, and based upon those studies came up with some "favorites", but when I rented and shot them I found some of them not so pleasing. So I applaud your determination to rent and try any candidates first.

    (2) I wanted one gun to be the smallest semi auto that was, for me, comfortable and controllable. For me it was the Kahr CW9. I found smaller guns, with the pinky hanging off, to be unacceptable. You can get the Kahr CW40 if you want a .40 caliber version, but try it -- because that caliber has a sharp recoil that may be too much for you in a light gun.

    (3) I wanted another gun to be a full-size semi auto. I found the XD fit my hands best. I didn't like that the M&P wouldn't let you shoot a chambered cartridge if you dropped the magazine. And I had other minor objections to the Glocks and Sigs I tried.

    (4) I have found the grip safety to be a non-issue.

    (5) Neither my CW9 nor my XD have manual safety levers. My feeling is that if it's holstered then whether the gun has a safety lever or not is irrelevant: the holster is the safety. When unholstered I want it ready to shoot, with nothing to forget.

    Of course your mileage will vary.

    Good luck!
    In the heat of the moment, what matters is what your body knows -- not what your mind knows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tommyp View Post
    A friend of mine that's a local leo let me get a feel for his issue (just handling in house - didn't go to a range), and a compact w/a mag extension. I know I need my pinky on the gun, so sub-compact is out. I just don't like the feel of it dangling.
    Even with as short as they are (height-wise), the various Kahr pistols are actually quite good at being highly controllable. With many folks, all fingers can get into the game.

    If you haven't already done so, hunt down a Kahr K9 or K40 pistol. The ergonomics, alone, should grab your attention. With the K9, P9 or CW9, the larger frame should be sufficient for you to get all fingers wrapped around the grip.

    On the puny end of the scale, the Kahr PM9 is also something you might want to consider. While the capacity (in rounds) might be under your requirements, if you install a Pearce pinkie finger floor plate onto each magazine then it can be a very easy pistol to control. Even though it's most definitely a micro-compact pistol, I find it nearly as easy to aim accurately and competently as many larger guns.

    Kahr K9, P9, CW9 and PM9 (or the .40cal counterparts). All worth considering, IMO.

    So is the CZ 2075 RAMI, if you can find one. It's essentially the smallest of the CZ 75 line. The CZ 75's (including the P-01, 2075 RAMI) are considered highly reliable, accurate. IMO they are the single most underrated pistols on the market. Worth considering, if you are hunting around for a good carry gun.

    Another you might consider is the Heckler-Koch P2000SK, its slightly larger brother the P2000, or its cousins the USP Compact, or the USP. I've been vetting a new P2000SK 9mm V2/LEM at the range over the past several weeks. It is one sweet pistol. 10rds, ambidextrous controls, pinkie extender floor plates to help grab all fingers. Extremely reliable, accurate. Fairly easy to conceal. Good support in the after-market, for holsters and gunsmithing. If you want a gun that'll last a lifetime, this one should do.
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