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Doing my homework - please help

This is a discussion on Doing my homework - please help within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; (3) I wanted another gun to be a full-size semi auto. I found the XD fit my hands best. I didn't like that the M&P ...

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Thread: Doing my homework - please help

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    (3) I wanted another gun to be a full-size semi auto. I found the XD fit my hands best. I didn't like that the M&P wouldn't let you shoot a chambered cartridge if you dropped the magazine. And I had other minor objections to the Glocks and Sigs I tried.

    ^^^^^^^^^This is not true mfcmb,^^^you can get it that way^^^mine is^^^^

    Quote Originally Posted by Ghuqu2 View Post
    I like the SW M&P. The changeable grip is great and fits most any hand. I don't like Glock because of the grip angle for me. If you want a "convertible" gun, get the M&P 9c w/ the mag extension and the small mag, you then have both the full size and mouse gun in one pistol.

    AND you can get a manual safety if you want on it, in addition, you can also get it with your choice of fireing with the mag removed, as mine does, or NOT, as my brothers,

    Look at it this way.
    Make a Like -Dislike for the M&P, as you did for the other 3.
    Take all of the likes for those 3,
    and get rid of all the dislikes, and you will have narrowed it to the M&P-

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    I could never find a Glock that fit well and pointed naturally which to me is important if you ever had to point shoot. Sure, you can train, but I'd rather work with something that's natural feeling.

    At any rate, I have an XD9SC and an M&P9C. The XD has roughly 800 without any failures of any kind. I've never had to give the grip safety any thought in either strong or weak hand as it always disengaged for me.

    The ergonomics on the XD is better than that of the M&P, IMHO. The XD grip fills my hand better and I have medium hands. What the M&P has over the XD is the thumb safety which I prefer, but may be an non-issue for you. I do like the finish and SS internal parts of the M&P, though.

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    I find the pinky thing a non-issue with Glock. If you buy say a G27, you can use the longer mags from it's big brothers. I have an 17 round mag in my G26. There are options.

    First, I have a 12 round mag for my G26 with extendor that fits my hand perfectly. I've ordered a sleeve to go on my 17 round mag that will in effect give me a full size grip. Then I have the best of both worlds. For ultra concealment I can put the 10 round mag in. For a little more fire power without too much sacrifice of concealment I can go with the 12 round. If I want to clear the room I can put the 17 round mag in. Wether it is in the gun or my back up mag, I'd always have the 17 rounder on me.

    Some people don't care much for the Glock sleeves. To me it gives me the flexibility I want. Clothing means a lot to how you conceal. By having options I can wear what is comfortable and still be prepared.

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    Ruger SR9c. Yes it is a compact, however it comes with an extention plate for the mag. fits the pinkie pretty well. Also 2nd mag is 16 round full size. ambi safety and mag release. I would suggest the full size SR9 also however the triggers are different, and I really like the compac trigger. Also made in America. I would put it in the reliability class with Glock, M&P, and XD. Just some food for thought. Happy gun hunting It's the only shopping I love to do.

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    Nothing against XDs at all, they're good guns, but I'd lean toward the Glock. It's hard to believe, but they've been a viable and established defensive handgun for 30 years now.

    That's 3 decades of data which have unquestionably proven it to be reliable and effective.

    Personally, unless you're sold on the .40, I'd buy the G19 in 9mm. In fact, I own a new Gen4 G17 9mm and wish that I'd just bought another G19. Lightweight, high capacity, easy to carry concealed...what's not to like?

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