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This is a discussion on Help me select a EDC within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by TankerTruck Hey! You guys are making this tough. I don't really like this state as it is, but I live in a ...

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Thread: Help me select a EDC

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    Quote Originally Posted by TankerTruck View Post
    Hey! You guys are making this tough. I don't really like this state as it is, but I live in a nice tiny, relatively level-headed, town that makes me think all of MA can't be that bad. Then I go to Boston for a business trip...

    I'm going on vacation to S.C. in April, and it's always a tough time getting back on the plane to come back here. If it weren't for my job, wife, kids, house, motorcyle, car...

    But I couldn't move to florida. You guys drive so badly, and use your horns every 13.35 seconds. It drives me nuts.
    Only if you go south of Sunrise Boulevard in Broward county

    Well, think of it this way. At least you're not in CA.

    Back to the question at hand. I like the M&P a lot. Great guns. I'm a Glock guy though and always will be. My first gun was a Glock so I kind of stuck with them but I do have HK, SIG, and a 1911 to my collection as well. Anyway, the M&P pistols are great. I love to shoot my friend's gun whenever we go to the range. Very comfy. I'm not as accurate with it as my Glocks or other guns I personally own. That's just because I do not get to practice with it all the time.
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    Since you solicited opinions on different options:

    You mention in one of your posts that Kahrs can't be sold in the People's Republik of Massachusetts, but in a later post, Phil says that there is a MA-Compliant PM9. I dunno if any of the CW series Kahrs are MA-compliant, but here's a plug for the CW45.

    I got my CW45 a few months back, and of all my handguns, I've come to regard it as the best CCW I own. It's no bigger than most compact 9's, very nicely made, and with an IWB holster, more comfortable to carry than just about anything else bigger than a .380. I really like having .45 power in a very compact package, and it's not too punishing to shoot.

    Personally, I'm pretty much sold on the .45 as a personal defense round, but there's also a CW9 and a CW40 available if the .45 is too much. Again, I have no idea if these are available in MA, but they're worth a look. If they're an option in MA, try one out. FWIW!


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    tankertruck: "My shooting is... developing"

    may i be the first to suggest that maybe you should consider a S&W 642 or a LCR for a EDC. Later buy a full size auto to practice at the range with and move into buying a EDC auto. Many things can go wrong with an auto, and not knowing how to deal with it in a hurry could be a problem. even holding the weapon incorrectly can cause a FTE or fail to go into battery. (limp wristing) I know that everyone is going to tell me that their XYZ auto has never had a FTF or FTE or any problem what so ever. but this stuff (ammo, gun) is man made and will have a hiccup at some point...

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    Of the makes and Models you asked about, I'd be inclined to select the Glock.

    As far as the advice to use a forty or bigger caliber, there is some validity in that, but not because of it's so called "stopping power". The validity comes from the larger calibers having more of a margin for error in regards to bullet selection. Off the top of my head I can only think of four commonly available self defense loads I would feel comfortable using. If I can't find those loads in 9mm, I won't carry a 9mm.

    That's just my opinion, but some of it is backed up by real world shooting statistics, and not the FBI Laboratory, FWIW. The forty caliber will get you through the night with a JHP round in any weight from 155 grain up to and including 180 grain. Not all bullets are created equal and like I said before, I'm more particular what I put in my 9mm. Yes, I have favored forty loads, but can and have carried other loads in that caliber when my prefered load was unavailable.

    If you can find a Glock 26, and have a good source for ammunition you may want to give that a look as well. If your ammunition supply is "iffy" you may be better with a forty, but you still have to put the rounds where they will do the most good.

    Another option is a Glock 27 with a 357 Sig barrel. You can use the Glock 27 magazines, as they are the same. The 357 Sig is what a 9mm should be. I like the 125 grain load myself, and don't much care who makes it, as it's all good, some is just better.


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    Well, after stumbling upon a great deal for a NIB G36 (quite literally), I ended up buying that! Shocking I know, but the grip is just long enough for me to get all 3 fingers on it (unlike the G26 & G27) without the mag extension. That meant the world to me as far as comfort and ability to shoot.

    I did a quick cleaning after I bought it last night, and I even got a quick chance to shoot it at the range this morning before work. At 50 feet, I had groupings of 4" after 4 mags (which is pretty good shooting for me - but it was slow firing, taking my time between shots, so it's not that impressive). Then I had to go to work...

    Anyway, when I brought it home last night, my wife said: "Huh... that is not at all what I expected. It looks like a toy...", then the words we all long to hear from our wives: "Can I hold it?" So we went though the 4 rules of safety a few times, explained how the gun worked, what the safeties were, etc., and after I showed her how to do it, I had her unload it, load it (with snap caps), and dry fire it a few times. She asked me if they made a slightly smaller version of it, that might fit her hands better, and maybe with "smaller bullets"... I said I'd have to look into it.

    Thanks for all of the help/advice and time you guys took to go through my posts. I really appreciate the held and advice.

    Cue the new gun dance:

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    Since you've already showed her how to work the Glock, might as well get her a 26!

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    +1 for any S&W compact...but can't go wrong with a glock...but not at $ g27s run $435 out the door here...helps the shop is literally an ear shot from the Glock assembly plant
    guns rule

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