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Thread: The substitute.

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    Thumbs up The substitute.

    I finally.. Finally!! Decided to splurge and buy myself a super nice carry gun. I did a lot of looking and researching and just couldn't come up with anything better than the Springfield EMP in 9mm. So, I placed an order for one with a customer of mine that also runs a gun shop. Got a great deal. Expected to have it withing a few weeks.

    After placing the order I then immediately went and sold my Bersa Thunder .380, which was my daily carry, to another customer who needed something for his wife. At the time, I was thinking I could just carry my Springfield Ultra .45 in the meantime till my EMP showed. Big mistake.

    Although my Ultra rides in a Crossbreed, I just couldn't get re-adjusted to the size and weight, and it was pretty uncomfortable with my seatbelt when driving around. A few more weeks went by, and I said enough of it! Also, after checking in with the Gun Shop I was told it might actually be another month or more before it shows up because Springfield needs to run a new production of them.

    So here's my new "substitute" for the EMP!

    The Taurus 709 Slim!

    So far, I'm very impressed! The safety works the right way(the Bersa drove me nuts - so I carried it safety off), and it gives me a nice chunk to grip with my thumb to help ride the slide. The Trigger is better than I expected, and while not being SAO - breaks predictably. The 7+1 capacity also ain't too shabby for a pistol this size. AND the fully adjustable sights, up-down left-right, just puts it over the top in terms of ease of dialing in the accuracy!

    150 rounds so far without any sort of malf, which was one thing that had worried me a bit being a Taurus. As I have seen a few out of my 24/7 Pro.

    I've actually caught myself thinking whether or not I should cancel my order for the EMP and keep the $1k+ in the bank!

    Best yet, all I had to do was take a heat gun to my Crossbreed Mini-Tuck for the Bersa and reform it to fit the 709. NICE!


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    That's awesome that you were able to reshape the MiniTuck!

    All of these new polymer 9mm's are just so slim, light and comfortable to carry around. I carry a PM9 in a MiniTuck and I don't think I'll ever go back to an all steel gun for my carry.

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    Congrats I've had my 709 SS for 5 months and have put 800 flawless rounds through it. It was exactly what I was looking for and has exceeded my expectations. Very accurate and fun to shoot. Much more managable recoil than I anticipated. So small and thin it is very easy to carry without sacrificing performance. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have mine.

    I might have to get a crossbreed mini tuck for mine...that's sweet.

    PS. Just in case you haven't already figured this out by trial and errer, the steps in the manual for breaking it down leave out the fact that you have to pull the trigger to release the slide when pulling it forward.

    Also, the trigger is SA with double strike capability. Once racked, it is in SA mode. The double strike trigger pull is slightly heavier.
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    I like the concept of the new little Taurus, but I just cannot get over the generally bad rep that guns and the CS from the Bull have. Lets hope itís improving because other than the "Judge" they have some innovative and interesting designs, but they have to get the execution of these designs right too.
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    I really like the look of the Taurus. How much does it cost?
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    Sweet pistol.
    I've become a big fan of little 9mm single-stacks.
    If I didnt already have a PF-9, I'd give the 709 Slim a good, hard look...
    Ah heck, I might get one eventually anyway.

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    Congrats on your Slim.!

    Great thing about the 709 is that you can shoot it all afternoon and never end up with a sore hand.

    Nice rehab on the Crossbreed, too..!
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    I paid $369 for mine.

    I think Taurus has come a long way in many regards, including their products and service. I have no reservations at this point because they've given me absolutely no reason to have any.
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    Congrats on the new pistol. I'm sure something that size will be a joy to carry. I briefly toyed with the idea of getting one, but I ended up with a G26 instead. From what I've gleaned online, I think Taurus guns can be hit or miss. My only one was a miss, but it sounds like you got a good one!

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    Congrat on your new pistola!
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    Congrats man! I've been looking at it myself. I think when things shape up financially I'll be adding it to the stash for my summer carry. Enjoy!
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    May the new pistol; serve you and long.
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    Congrats on your choice. I bought this for my wife and its a great gun. Infact I enjoyed shooting her gun so much I went and bought the pt140 for my edc. Pay no attention to the bad press on taurus. I think that they have worked out all the kinks that accompany all new models of things when first released. Enjoy the new member of your family.
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    Congrats and enjoy!
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    Heimer: That looks like a great gun. I was unfamiliar with the model. My advice is to cancel on the EMP. I owned one, and it is a Sexy pretty gun... But- I had recurring FTE problems. I sold it off.
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