After much soul searching, I decided my next gun purchase would be a S&W Model 327, Performance Center .357 mag. w/2" barrel and holds 8 rnds. Just my luck, none of my local gun shops has any and they say they are on back order with no estimated arrival date. What's more, S&W doesn't even show this model on their web site. Does any one know if this model has been discontinued and if so, why? (in case it's a safety issue and I find a used one) Also, I am reluctant to order one, pre-pay a deposit, only to find out after waiting months that it has been discontinued.

I see where they show a Model 327 Night Guard with a 2-1/2" barrel and rubber grips. It doesn't look nearly as pretty as the 2" barrel model with the wood grips and might be heavier.

If someone has some information or knows where I can get one, I'd appreciate the info.