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G 26 or Snubbie?

This is a discussion on G 26 or Snubbie? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Get both. But if you can only have one, ge tthe G26 to match with your 19....

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Thread: G 26 or Snubbie?

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    Get both. But if you can only have one, ge tthe G26 to match with your 19.
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    I carry my XD9SC (close to the size of a G26) appendix in a Mr. Softy, it's a breeze. Also carry my 442 J frame there too, it's way more comfortable.

    Only big difference to me is having a 16 round mag in my back pocket or a 5 round speed strip in front pocket.

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    Get the Glock 26 to match your 19.
    But if you do decide on a revolver then go with the S&W M&P 340 hammerless .357 mag/.38 Spl
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    G26 all the way. Share ammo and mags with your 19, plus 11 shots instead of a 5/6

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    Poll Update

    Well the Glock 26 is back in the race
    11 for the snubbie
    10 for the Glock

    Re: snubbies seems like the group goes for the Smiths. My understanding of experiences with Taurus is that some are a great buy and others are a constant problem. "The Forrest Gump Box of Cholocate" issue. Any experience with the Ruger LCR? I pulled the trigger and it was great

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    Can I vote twice? GLOCK 26.
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    Glock 26 or snubbie?

    I recommend the snubbie. I own and use snub .38 Special revolvers and have never wanted a Glock 26.

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    I actually only pointed out the virtues of each before, but didn't vote .

    10+1 of reliable 9mm beats 5 of reliable .38, all day long. G26!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bowzette View Post
    As a practical matter it the 26 really easier to conceal IWB than a 19 for a small person? I notice that a lot of board member have both the 19 and the 26. I guess my real question is having both redundant as a practical matter
    They are similar. G26 is "the same gun" 1/2" shorter length & height. I'm a big guy: 6' 220lbs and the 27 feels alot easier for me to conceal. I do not feel it is redundant. My .02
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    I'm 5'7", 158lb with a Glock 26. I carry IWB at 4.00. I don't have a problem at all concealing it. A t-shirt will do the job, tucked in or not. The holster you use does make a difference (well, it does to me).
    I would vote for the 26. It's a Glock and you can hold more ammo.
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    I have G26, G23, S&W 60 357 mag, Taurus Ultra Light 38 Special, Springfield Armory EMP 40, Taurus 709 Slim, Sig P238 380, Walther PPK +others that aren't pertinent to this topic.

    Why settle for one?

    If I could carry all the time and really required to 'conceal', and, I had to chose only one. Slim is in! It doesn't have the mag capacity of the G26, but a spare mag will take seconds to get into the fight.

    I like snubbies too, but capacity and reloading is downfall. If I had to carry a snubby, it'd be the 357 mag. Same weight as G26, but those 357 mags really do damage, and surprisingly with a little practice, not that challenging to shoot.

    Bottom line, the real question in my mind would be, which one do I buy first?

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    Not trying to be a smart Alec, but get both. Ask ANYBODY on here and they'll tell you..buy a Glock and it'll only be your first! I have the 27 and I fight the urge everyday. I also have a snubbie and I have to say that there is a time and place for each one. I prefer the Glock for firepower, but there are times when I want the little bit smaller snub.
    Both will still be cheaper than a nice 1911

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    The 26 will conceal easier and feel lighter on your belt than the 19. I would rather have 11 rounds of 9mm in a weapon with a 5.5 # trigger than 5 rounds of .38 in a weapon with a 12 -14# trigger.

    Nothing against snubbies. I have two j frames. I usually only carry my 640 in thunderwear while jogging outside. Other than that, it is my 27 that gets most of the carry time.

    Get the 26.
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    not much difference in size! i had the same dilemma, so i did what most "gunaholics" would do.........
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    got to texas as fast as i could...Fuhgeddaboudit!

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    Now the Glock is in front by more than a nose
    15 to 12

    Actually as a number of posters have pointed out-get them both. And I likely will. A snubbie would give me the greatest versitility immediately. But staying with the 9mm has advantages. I can buy Federal at Wally Word for $10 a box and not cause alarm at home. The .38 I would buy 1,000 rds at $300 and red flags might start waiving as I get back into handguns. I have ordered a AA .22 conversion kit for the 19 to save cost at the range.

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